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Mega Trend Alert: 1 “American Dream” Sector to Skyrocket in 2020

Mega Trend Alert: 1 “American Dream” Sector to Skyrocket in 2020

Story Highlights:

  • With an America 2.0 upgrade, housing is set to double.
  • That means big gains by investing in this trend today… You can start by buying one ETF to broaden your exposure.
  • Paul Mampilly’s America 2.0 housing prediction.

Growing up, I heard a lot about this “American dream,” as I’m sure you did.

Coming from another country, I always wondered — what does it mean?

When I arrived, I realized it isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s actually the goal of many Americans.

It’s what many work for, strive for, use to define their life and keep motivated. It’s a very powerful thing…

Buying a home.

And if that is part of your American dream, I have great news for you.

Your American dream is getting an upgrade.

One of our mega trends is making a big impact on the sector and investing in this trend now can make you big profits in the near future … profits that could fund your next American dream home.

Since 1960s, the average price of a house in America has steadily increased. Now, with an America 2.0 upgrade, we believe housing will double:

That’s a 100% rise in the years to come!

And investing in this means massive gains.

The American Housing Recipe for a BOOM

In America 2.0, real estate will only become more valuable.

Many of our mega trends will play into that increase, but the biggest one is the millennial boom.

This demographic change will fuel the real estate prices, bringing them to the highest levels in history.

Right now, there are almost 90 million millennials in the United States.

And 90% are ready to own a home. That is an astonishing level of demand!

One example comes straight from the Bold Profits team.

Just this month, my brilliant colleague and co-America 2.0 correspondent, Patrick Goodrich shared great news with our team.

Patrick — a fellow millennial — bought a house!

He even had to go through a bidding war.

And according to a recently published study, he wasn’t the only one. Around 42% of people who bought a house between January and May had to fight for the right price.

That’s a sign of an extraordinary demand that will shoot the real estate prices up.

Now is a great time to buy, too. People who buy today are hitting the jackpot with mortgage rates.

According to Fannie Mae, mortgage rates are currently at record-level lows, and they are heading even lower, falling as low as 2.9% in 2021.

On top of it all, we haven’t been building enough houses since 2008 to meet the current brewing demand.

And with 8.3 million first-time homebuyers coming to realize their homeownership dream in the next three years, the construction will have to be ramped up dramatically.

This tells me the stars are aligning for this America 2.0 real estate boom.

2 Ways in Before America’s Housing Double

Having exposure to the housing sector and this demographic change is an opportunity for massive gains.

Which is why I’m going to tell you two incredible ways to play this mega trend boom:

No. 1: Gain broad exposure to the America 2.0 housing market. I recommend buying iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (BATS: ITB). This exchange-traded fund (ETF) will let you invest in the U.S. home construction sector which will surge as we start to build more new houses to meet the millennial demand. And it’s even trading at a slight discount today.

No. 2: Paul recently released a new way to invest in this trend. He predicts that one could soar by 300%. See what he recommends for the America 2.0 real estate boom today. Click here.

Now is the best time to invest in our mega trends for your American dream … 2.0!


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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