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Mega Tech Trends — A Safe, Profitable Haven in Rocky Markets

Mega Tech Trends — A Safe, Profitable Haven in Rocky Markets

“Panic” may be the buzzword in every media outlet’s broadcasts this week, but not here at Bold Profits.

In fact, Paul Mampilly and the team have their sights set on some of the biggest tech mega trends to come out of the market’s recent volatility.

From robotics to fintech to internet communication, there are so many fantastic innovations that investors like you can reap the benefits of.

A great example of tech companies coming out on top despite this week’s volatility is a stock that Paul follows in Profits Unlimited. It just soared almost 105%, reaching bigger gains thanks to the widespread adoption of its new processors in desktops and notebooks.

If you want to get in on this company’s growth — and so many other fantastic new tech stocks — be sure to check out Profits Unlimited by clicking here.

Week in Review

Monday, August 5: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster discuss how the China Tariff Panic Sows Seeds for Massive Market Rally. With the ongoing U.S.-China trade war ramping up again in the news, many investors considered panic selling. But Paul and his team want you to stay strong and hold on. Click here to find out why you should.

Tuesday, August 6: Paul reveals the 3 Reasons Why Today’s Market Lows Will Lead to Tomorrow’s Highs. He wants you to know that this market dip is not the end of the world, and we’ll come back from it bigger and better than ever. There are three main reasons behind this belief, so be sure to click here to find out what those reasons are and how you can benefit from the upcoming rally.

Wednesday, August 7: Amber talks about the 3 Amazing Robotic Disruptions for Big Gains. Three new robotic discoveries are disrupting multiple industries, offering lucrative investment opportunities for investors looking toward the future. Click here to learn about the one investment tool that you can use to leverage the rise of robots today.

Thursday, August 8: The Bold Profits Team takes over your Bold Profits Daily to describe how you can Pocket 24% Profits From This Millennial-Money Mega Trend. Millennials are remaking the U.S. economy and many consumer-service industries, with a massive buying power that exceeds the baby boomers and other generations. Here’s a surefire way to buy into the trend: an investment tool that is already up more than 24% this year alone. Click here to read more.

Friday, August 9: Ian Dyer, moving to your Friday slot, describes what you can do with the Quadruple-Digit Gains From Live-Chat Technology. Live chat is the future of customer service, driven by millennials who prefer it over phone, email and even in-person interactions. Click here to discover the one investment tool you need for this trend.


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