Who We Are

The Sovereign Society’s highly qualified panel of experts consists of carefully chosen professionals from around the world, each with deep knowledge and unique insights on how to help your wealth flourish. Our experts have spent their careers discovering the best global investments, currency opportunities, the safest tax havens and the most secure methods in which to protect and grow your assets.

Jeff D. Opdyke – Investment Director and Editor of Total Wealth Insider, Frontline Investor, Precision Profits and Private Assets Report
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Jeff Opdyke is the investment director and executive editor at The Sovereign Society. Jeff has been investing directly in the international markets since 1995, making him one of the true pioneers of foreign trading. His passion is finding the renegade plays “on the ground” in overseas markets, and uncovering those explosive trends long before they become mainstream. Today, he operates with brokerage accounts in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Egypt and elsewhere.

Jeff is the editor of Total Wealth Insider newsletter. For his 25,000 subscribers, he finds proven investments … from global stocks to emerging-market investments and foreign-currency plays that most people will never hear about. Just recently, Jeff sold two positions for gains of 192% and 146% respectively, and he has four open positions with gains near or north of 100%.

He is also the editor of Frontline Investor, a weekly advisory that shows his subscribers how investing “in country” can result in far greater returns than they could ever find in stagnant American markets. Jeff often travels the world looking for new profit opportunities wherever they may arise, from Singapore to Australia to South America. Jeff’s on-the-ground research guarantees his subscribers are getting the best information from in-country sources at all times. Currently, Jeff has open positions that are up about 60%, 85% and 50%, just to name a few. He just closed three positions for gains of 29%, 44% and 48%. These are the fast-moving, explosive plays that Jeff finds for his Frontline Investor subscribers.

As our investment director, Jeff also has his hands in a couple of our other services. For instance, he’s the editor of Precision Profits, a weekly advisory that uses seasonal-based stock patterns to routinely deliver triple-digit gains. Just recently, he closed positions for 100%, 200%, 100%, 109% and 109% – all within two months of recommending each trade.

He’s also the editor of Private Assets Report, a service designed to keep subscribers informed about the hottest collectibles markets, while walking them, step-by-step, through starting their own collection – be it guitars, whisky, comics, ancient coins or something else. It brings them into the world of some of the most successful investors, who are shielding their money from Wall Street volatility and government intrusion … all while diversifying their portfolios with an area proven to bank gains up to five times higher than the stock market.

Prior to The Sovereign Society, Jeff spent 17 years with The Wall Street Journal, writing about investing and personal finance, including the Journal’s nationally syndicated “Love & Money” column. His work has been published in upward of 80 newspapers nationwide, and he is also the author of six books.


Robert E. BaumanRobert E. Bauman, JD – Legal Counsel, Chairman of Freedom Alliance

Robert E. “Bob” Bauman, legal counsel to The Sovereign Society, serves on its board of directors and was the founding editor of The Sovereign Society Offshore A-Letter, more than a decade ago. He is the chairman of Freedom Alliance, your one-stop reference point for up-to-date, critical information about protecting your wealth and freeing yourself from unnecessary taxes and government oversight.

Sovereign Society members and many others know Bob as the prolific author of many articles, reports and books. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Review, Human Events and many other publications.

He is the author of The Passport Book: The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship and Second Passports (2014); Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally): Offshore Financial Centers of the World (2015), The Offshore Money Manual (2000); editor of Forbidden Knowledge (2015); Swiss Money Secrets (2008); and Panama Money Secrets (2005). You can learn more about his books here.

Bob also served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1973 to 1981 representing the First District of Maryland. He is an author and lecturer on many aspects of wealth protection, offshore residence and second citizenship. A member of the District of Columbia Bar, he received his juris doctor degree from the Law Center of Georgetown University in 1964. He has a B.S. degree in International Relations from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (1959) and was honored with GU’s Distinguished Alumni Award.


Ted Bauman – Editor of The Bauman Letter and Plan B Club

Ted Bauman joined The Sovereign Society in September 2013 and serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter and Plan B Club, specializing in asset protection and international migration issues.

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Ted emigrated to South Africa as a young man. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. During his 25-year career in South Africa, Ted served a variety of executive roles in the nonprofit sector, primarily as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. During the 2000s, he worked as a consultant, researching and writing extensively on finance, housing and urban planning issues for clients as diverse as the United Nations, the South African government and European grant-making agencies. He also traveled extensively, largely in Africa, Asia and Europe.

In 2008, Ted returned to the U.S., where he served as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International, based in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time he extended his travels to Latin America and the Caribbean. He continued to research and write on a variety of topics related to international development. In 2013, Ted left Habitat for Humanity to work full-time as a researcher and writer.

Ted has been published in a variety of international journals, including the Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization, as well as the South African press, including the Cape Times, New Internationalist, Cape Argus, and Mail and Guardian. More recently, he coauthored the book Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) with his father Robert Bauman.


Chad Shoop – Editor of Pure Income

Chad is our in-house income and investment research expert. After joining our team here at The Sovereign Society as an investment analyst in 2012, he quickly jumped up the ladder. Now he is the editor of our premium Pure Income newsletter, where he taps into the best off-the-radar opportunities to generate safe, steady monthly income. With his recommendations, subscribers collect double-digit yields nearly every month for an average 15% gain per trade. Overall, it’s led to Pure Income’s 93% win-rate.

Recently, Chad also began overseeing the income portion of Total Wealth Insider newsletter. Since traditional sources of income may be up to a decade away from yielding any meaningful amounts, Jeff brought Chad in so he could provide readers with unique income opportunities. Chad continues to provide his research and analysis for our other premium publications as well, and is a weekly contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily.

He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, one in finance and one in economics. Before joining The Sovereign Society, he worked as an investment analyst at an investment advisory firm based in North Carolina. There, he developed equity research reports that identified whether a stock was a buy, sell or hold, pinpointed trading opportunities and created strategies to boost overall portfolio returns.


Paul Mampilly – Sr. Editor of,The Sovereign Society

Paul Mampilly joined The Sovereign Society in 2016, and serves as Senior Editor specializing in helping Main Street Americans find wealth in growth investing, technology, small-cap stocks and special opportunities.

Paul worked for 25 years with direct, hands-on money management experience on Wall Street before retiring in his 40s to spend more time with his family. Starting in the late 1980s, he worked as an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING, before becoming a money manager for the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland, Bankers Trust, Sears, and a Swiss bank.

He has a proven track record of managing a $5.6 billion hedge fund, being a portfolio manager of $25 billion asset management company. This includes posting gains  of 67% for the Kinetics International Fund in 2009, 20% in 2010. These gains made Paul’s fund a #1 rated Morningstar fund for these years, because it outperformed the MSCI EAFE index.

Paul also won the Templeton Foundation portfolio competition in 2008 – 2009, getting first place for $50 million portfolio that generated gains of 76%.

For another client, Paul recommended 28 out of 29 winning stocks generating average gains of 53%. These stocks were picked between October 2011 and December 2011 and the performance was measured as of December 31, 2013.

Says Paul: “I know I’m going to find the next Google, the next Facebook, the next Amazon so you can make the kind of money you only dream about. I know I because I’ve done it before being an early investor in phenomenal successes like Google and Netflix. Every day, you know that I am on your side, carefully guiding you through the Wall Street jungle, which is filled with people who have the upper hand in terms of access to the most relevant information about companies. You see, I’m a former Wall Street insider too. Using my knowledge, connections, and research, I find stocks that quickly go up due to…

  1. Mispricing from human emotion or Wall Street manipulation
  2. New technologies a company has created to solve a known need in the marketplace
  3. The company has an unknown edge that only the insiders and early investors are aware of.

I believe our lives will be revolutionized by the technologies now hitting the marketplace…robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing and personalized medicines. This revolution is going to generate huge investment opportunities for making money – for people who understand what companies are going to benefit, and what stocks to buy. The opportunity is here for you to obtain once-in-a-lifetime generational wealth. That’s why I’m going to make technology and investment trends a big part of what I write.”


Jocelynn Smith – Senior Managing Editor of The Sovereign Society

Jocelynn Smith has spent her career immersed in the financial industry. Prior to joining The Sovereign Society in December 2014, she acquired her Series 7 and 63 licenses while working for a top-ranked brokerage firm and spent more than a decade as a stock market analyst. In the past, she has specialized in options analysis, trading strategies and options education.

She has appeared on Fox Business News and Bloomberg. In addition, she had been regularly quoted in publications such as Reuters, MarketWatch, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal Online, Forbes and the Associated Press, as well as contributed articles to Stock, Futures and Options (SFO) and Option Trader magazine. She is also a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author with more than 10 books published.


JL Yastine – Editorial Director of The Sovereign Society

JL Yastine joined The Sovereign Society in 2015 as editorial director and weekly contributor, helping regular investors understand and profit from market opportunities.

A former financial correspondent and anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report, JL spent nearly two decades (1994-2010) seeking out and talking to some of the most successful financiers and entrepreneurs of our time, such as Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Southwest Airlines’ Herb Kelleher, Perdue Farms’ Frank Perdue and many others.

JL also reported on a wide-ranging number of investment stories, from identifying small-cap growth stocks and large company turnaround situations, to the rise and fall of the late 1990’s dot-com and mid-2000’s real-estate sectors. One such effort, an investigation into America’s woefully inadequate infrastructure system (roads, bridges, dams, and the like) earned him a nomination in 2007 for an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting. In 2002, he contributed to a special report, the NBR Guide to Buying Bonds, which won an Excellence in Financial Journalism Award from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Such experiences created the foundation for JL’s own financial investment success, and gave him the insights which he uses today to assist the Sovereign Society’s editors and members in sifting investment ideas that run contrary to the perceived wisdom on Wall Street.