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Meet GUSS — The Future of Precision Farming

Welcome to the new era of precision farming!

This is GUSS:

GUSS farming machine

No, this cool-looking vehicle is not a movie prop from the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.

GUSS actually points to a phenomenal investment opportunity for YOU.

GUSS, which stands for Global Unmanned Spray System, is the world’s first autonomous robotic orchard sprayer.

According to its creator, Crinklaw Farm Services (CFS) and’s reporting, GUSS is a remotely operated driverless farming vehicle of the future that’s here now.

He navigates massive commercial fruit and nut orchards using the latest robotic automation technology.

Per GrowingProduce, GUSS uses “a laser, gyroscope and wheel and steering sensors that feed information to computer software, which makes real-time driving decisions. Those decisions are fed back to the steering and wheel motors to then move GUSS forward.”

The vehicles’ laser can stop propulsion when it “sees” people or objects from four feet away. Its bumper sensors shut down its mechanisms immediately when it encounters unauthorized objects.

One human can remotely operate multiple machines with a single laptop covering hundreds of acres.

GUSS is a shining example of precision agriculture at its best.

Farmers describe GUSS’s precision as “amazing” and see GUSS as “the future.”

Paul Mampilly recently revealed his Profits Unlimited stock pick for a new farming phenomenon.

He calls his new stock recommendation “the future of farming.”

This next-level technology has a great potential to help solve the forecast global food crisis before it begins.

According to, by 2030, the global demand for food is expected to rise by 35%:

food demand chart growth

And by 2050, the world’s food production will need to increase by 70% to keep pace with global demand.

To meet this rising demand, farming, the epicenter of our survival, is getting a Fourth Industrial Revolution upgrade.

And you can reap the benefits too, as our food supply is transformed by precision agriculture.

Precision agriculture will use new America 2.0 technologies such as:

  • Farm robots like GUSS.
  • Drones and soil sensors.
  • Satellite and mobile radio antennas.

The growth of the global precision agriculture market is accelerating. It’s projected to more than double in size by 2025.

Valued at $5.1 billion in 2019, it’s expected to reach $11.2 billion in the next four years.

This is an increase of 119% and growing at a nearly 14% compound annual growth rate.

global precision agriculture market growth chart

This kind of growth is a signal for me. That the time for you to invest is now. And with our America 2.0 tech transforming farming, I have a great pick for you.

Buy Signals: Huge Demand for Precision Agriculture

This up-and-coming market is one of the most sought-after by big U.S. technology companies.

According to Research and Markets:

Precision agriculture is considered to be an advanced technological change in the farming sector, adapted to improve crop yield and reduce labor shortage to meet the global food demand. The advanced technology and techniques enable the farmers to optimize the usage of resources, such as fertilizers, seeds, water and pesticides.

With this rising demand, the farming industry needs to ensure the continued and solid production of food in this new era.

And it’s going to do it with technologies like sensors, software, cloud computing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to develop better yielding and more profitable crops.

And Big Tech companies are ready to help.

Per a Bloomberg report, one tech giant is extremely active in agriculture and is forming partnerships with U.S. agriculture cooperatives like Land O’ Lakes, Inc.

Together, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are coming to the forefront of precision farming.

And it’s just getting started.

Precision agriculture is bringing America 2.0 technology to the fields.

As you can see, major technology opportunities are on the rise with precision agriculture:

networked farm illustration

Join Precision Agriculture Tech for Future Gains

To play the precision agriculture market, buy shares in the Global X Cloud Computing ETF (Nasdaq: CLOU).

CLOU is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that holds a basket of cloud stocks.

These include companies positioned to benefit from the increased adoption of cloud computing technology, managed server storage space and cloud and edge computing infrastructure and hardware — key players in the future of food.

Precision agriculture is already happening now.

It will help ensure plentiful food production for years to come as the world population grows and demand for high-quality nutrition increases.

This is the future of food. Precision agriculture and a new growing tech trend: vertical farming. As I mentioned, it’s on Paul’s radar for 2021 and beyond:

paul mampilly's profits unlimited growth alert

He recently gave his readers a stock recommendation for vertical farming. And he’s eyeing so much more — beyond farming — that’s laying the path to the future.

You can see his full presentation on why high tech like this and more are remaking America. Click here.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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