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This Medical Revolution Is Your Ticket to Generational Wealth

This Medical Revolution Is Your Ticket to Generational Wealth

Go to YouTube and search using this phrase: “shocking DNA test results.”

What you’ll find is video after video of people stunned, astonished … sometimes ashamed when they find out about their genetic ancestry.

People who said they dislike Jews or Arabs find out that they are part Jewish or part Arab.

Others who bashed some nationality … Germans or Britons or Indians or Pakistanis … find out that they are partly that nationality.

Some who claimed superiority in terms of their skin color find out that part of their genes come from another race.

Genes are a game changer for how we see ourselves socially. Equally, the information in our genes is going to be a game changer for one of the biggest industries in our economy.

I believe it’s going to generate incredible winners … and destroy some blue-chip companies that many of you own.

A Big-Dollar Part of Our Economy

The industry I’m referring to is health care. In 2016, we spent an estimated $3.4 trillion — that’s right, trillion — on health care. In the year 2025, research shows that we’ll be spending an estimated $5.5 trillion. At that rate of growth, health care is going to be nearly 20% of our economy.

In other words, genetic-based health care and medicine are happening in a big-dollar part of our economy.

That means if I’m right — and I believe that I am — the entire health care system is about to be upended. The winners in this new health care system are going to be huge, 1,000% winners … maybe even bigger.

After all, people who invested early on in companies back when health care and medicine were being transformed earlier — into what I’ll call “the pharmaceutical era” — made incredible fortunes.

For example, Merck, the pharma giant, is up by nearly 24,000% since 1979. And that’s without counting its dividends, which would make its gains even bigger.

The Old Way Will Be Wiped Out

I believe that a revolution is unfolding right now in the health care industry. It’s a revolution that’s referred to as precision medicine.

One of the critical components of precision medicine is the use of genetic information to find compatible drugs. Using genetic information from the get-go … meaning from the moment a drug is being researched and tested … does away with the major problems of the old way of making medicine.

In a previous article, I referred to the old way as the “unlucky schmuck” era of medicine. The old way is that most medicines work, at best, on about 20% of the people who take them. That’s based on an estimate from a doctor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Truthfully, the drugs from the “unlucky schmuck” era are, in time, going to be seen as brutally primitive … and our equivalent of bloodletting and other disastrous medical procedures that were once accepted.

And as for you as an investor, as I mentioned earlier, this coming precision medicine revolution means you have an unparalleled opportunity to make generational wealth from getting in early on the next Merck. Equally, staying in the old “unlucky schmuck”-era companies means you risk getting destroyed as the new precision medicine wipes them out.

This is why I’ve already added two gene-based pharma/biotech companies into my Extreme Fortunes service … each of which I believe has 1,000% potential. And all of my services have huge exposure to this massive revolution that’s unfolding right now.

It’s still in its early days, however … and I plan to keep adding more incredible stocks based on this trend in the months ahead.


Paul Mampilly
Editor, Profits Unlimited

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