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No. 1 Driver for 10X Gains in Super Bull Market

No. 1 Driver for 10X Gains in Super Bull Market

America 2.0 stocks are leading us into a Super Bull Market!

Now more than ever, America 2.0 stocks are the fastest growing and most profitable. It is time to buy.

And there’s one sector, in particular, that’s driving this new economic boom.

It has the potential to single-handedly push the stock market toward the bulls.

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If you’re still on the fence, check out today’s Market Talk. Amber does a great job picking out one sector that’s driving Super Bull Market.

And one catalyst from my three “R’s” that will push our economy to boom for years to come — straight to 10X gains for you:

As you know on Market Talk Monday, I give you a behind the scenes peek into our Bold Profits weekly investment team conference call.

In our latest call, Paul built the case as to why now more than ever stocks in America 2.0 sectors are the fastest growing and most profitable stocks in which to invest in the coming years.  He sees these stocks leading us into a Super Bull Market.

Catalysts Driving Economic Boom

Paul’s “3 Rs” catalyst is one of the main drivers for this economic boom.

They are Repurchase, Require & Restock

The Three Rs of america 2.0 stock market recovery August 2020

The “3 Rs” is what the U.S. economy is going through right now and for years to come.

Why? Entire categories of products are being sold out and are not being replaced fast enough.

In our call, Paul used a personal example to explain why restocking of goods is at an all-time need right now.

He said he wanted to by dumbbells, you know to pump some iron and exercise during quarantine. He said for three months they were completely sold out. He could not buy them on Amazon, Target or Walmart.

On top of this, shipping rates between US and China are skyrocketing.

Why? Because we must restock.

Normally, U.S. consumers would get their products from China. But China’s economy is just restarting. They shut down earlier this year but are in a later state of reopening. This is happening in every country. As Paul notes, “we have never experienced a moment where the world is just consuming and not making.”

This creates a magic element of scarcity that is pure gold. We live a world, that’s gone through a couple decades of having excess capacity. To have that capacity run out is so notable.

Paul Quote #1 August 2020

Now we are seeing this magic element of scarcity which means demand is going to run through fewer firms.

We will have sales growth and profitability. It is setting up for a massive boom that will benefit most sectors. Bold Profits readers are invested in the fastest-growing sectors. The America 2.0 sectors. While these sectors are seeing some growth today, it’s a shadow of what is coming over the next year or two.”

Paul Quote #2 August 2020

One Sector Fueling Super Bull Market

The sector that continues to be on fire is the housing market. As our senior analyst Ian Dyer also noted on our recent call, Big housing companies recently reported in their earnings statements that they are seeing all-time high backorders and all-time high construction.

These two charts say it all.

July Housing building momentum August 2020

July Home Construction Starts posted its largest monthly advance in 30 years. Per Bloomberg “Builders are responding to robust housing demand that’s been fueled by record-low interest rates.”

August Homebuilder Optimism 2020

August Homebuilder Optimism Hit its Highest Level Since 1998. Per Bloomberg “The demand for new housing is boosting builders, particularly because inventory of existing homes is low.” This plays right into our millennial and new homes mega trend. Right now, the U.S. is facing a housing shortage of 3.3 million homes.

Paul sees housing as a centrifugal force sucking up so much product. Millennial members of our Bold Profits team know this first-hand. One team member purchased a house this year and they have spent several thousands of dollars to furnish it and make it a home. Multiply our millennial team members many times over.

There’s a huge amount of demand sucking everything up. We’re not going fast enough to replace it. We have to restock.

Paul forecasts that housing will continue to be one of the bases of why we can be so positive as we are on the markets. Many people see housing as being separated from technology, but it’s all connected.

Everything including, Internet of Things, helps make those items in a home smart. From furniture & appliances to home improvements to building materials housing impacts the economy. This is one of the reasons why Bold Profits is so bullish, bullish optimistic positive on millennials and housing, Internet of Things and our America 2.0 mega trends.

Bold Profits Mega Trends August 2020

And to put a pin on these predictions, Paul’s July “3 Rs” forecast is proving true. He said as the U.S. economy reopens, businesses will need to restock their inventory. August’s U.S. Composite Purchasing Managers’ Index or PMI number shows it’s happening.

August PMI Chart 2020

Per Bloomberg data “U.S. Business activity expanded in August at the strongest pace since early 2019 as faster growth at manufacturers spilled over to service providers, indicating the recovery is starting to broaden.”


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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