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Make Quadruple-Digit Gains in 2021 Small Caps!

Make Quadruple-Digit Gains in 2021 Small Caps!

It’s a small-cap surge!

And yes, it’s happening now. Recently, one of our services sold a small-cap stock for the BIGGEST GAIN in Bold Profits history.

[You can see the details about how readers scored a 1,718% in two years here.]

Now, you might be worried you missed out. But don’t be. This is just getting started.

We’re going to see a surge of money coming into our mega trends. And small-cap stocks are taking the lead in America 2.0.

This 2021 bull market is incredibly strong. And the opportunities for you are going to be HUGE!

In fact, we have a few places you can start investing today:

America 2.0 Small-Cap Stock Surge

Today, Patrick Goodrich, Investment analyst at Bold Profits and key analyst on Paul’s Extreme Fortunes and IPO Speculator trading services is joining us. He’s here to answer questions and give you our Bold Profits take on the potential big gains that can be made investing in America 2.0 small cap stocks.

Plus, we’ll share, why now is one of the best times to invest in America 2.0 small-cap stocks’ big surge and 2 ways to play it today!  And how subscribers to Paul’s Secret Portfolio just captured gains of up to 1,718% on this trading concept.

Small-caps stocks, which have a market cap between $300M and $2B, are the lifeblood of Paul’s investing picks across several of his trading services. Small caps can be mighty stock plays.  They have a great potential of beating institutional investors through growth opportunities.  And though they can be more volatile and riskier investment plays, historically they outperform large cap stocks.  As Paul forecasts, he believes in 2021, quote “we are going to see a separation where small companies focusing on our America 2.0 mega trends will start to move. They will get the benefit of liquidity that’s pushing out from big cap stocks and into companies that are America 2.0 or more America 2.0.” end quote.  So, with that, I’m so pleased you’re joining us today, Patrick, to shed more light on the big investing opportunities that can be made trading America 2.0 small cap stocks for main street stock investors.  So, my 1st question to you … why should Bold Profits’ readers be interested in the mighty power of small-cap stocks in their investment portfolio?

Patrick: “Small-cap stocks seem tiny in comparison, but don’t count them out. Small caps are actually leading us into a massive bull market and can get you the biggest bang for your buck. Many of these companies have disruptive technologies or business models that are revolutionizing the world around us — taking America into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I’m talking about electric vehicles, 3D printing, e-commerce, robotics, blockchain technology and much … much … more. These new-world ways are stealing market share from the old-world dog companies — which in turn is pushing America 1.0 stocks lower. And bidding up the new America 2.0 tickers.”

  1. So, is it too late for folks watching today who may be just starting their investment journey and following our Bold Profits recommendations to buy into small-cap stocks?

Patrick: “Small caps just started to break out setting this new bull market ablaze. You can see what I mean by checking out the Russell 2000 Index — where most of the America 2.0 small caps currently live. See, over the past 10 years the Dow Jones (the orange line) has mostly done better than the Russell 2000 (the white line): (updated chart needed here)Now, in 2021 alone the Russell 2000 has started to vastly outperform the Dow Jones in a big way: Year-to-date the Russell is up 16% (please update this stat Pat), while the Dow hasn’t even cracked 8% (this one too).That tells you there’s stronger demand for smaller cap stocks that are looking to change the world around us. So, it’s definitely not too late to be bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) about small caps and start investing today to juice up your portfolio.”

  1. And while I have you here, Patrick, I would be remised not to check-up on your 2021 predictions, in particular prediction #2 which is all about a e Dow Jones Industrial Average Shakeup and how certain America 1.0 stocks will be tossed out the index and replaced with America 2.0 all-stars.  Any new developments there?


Great info Patrick.  Let me cap this talk off with this quote from Paul, he stated quote: “I expect in 2021 we are going to see a surge of money push into America 2.0 stocks. They are more innovative, smaller and have actual growth. Versus financially engineered growth of larger cap cos.  The other thing that I believe is also unfolding are the extreme levels of inventory replenishment that needs to happen in our economy.” End quote

This is what we call here at Bold Profits and Banyan Hill “Fat Tail” thinking.  Fat tails are what statisticians refer to as odd bulges on the extremities of bell-shaped curves.  These are rare events that are not widely discussed across major news. These fat tail events are usually underpriced, which means great potential for gains.

2 Ways to Invest in the Upcoming Small-Cap Surge

#1. We talk about Paul’s 3Rs forecast for the restocking, reinventorying and reshoring of the U.S. manufacturing sector.  And recent data revealed in March’s Philadelphia Fed Factories survey show factories and business conditions are firing on all cylinders.  The survey beat all economist’s estimates, posting 51.8 vs. 23.3.  In all, business Conditions in that region are at the highest level since 1973 as orders and shipments improve.   One of the upcoming America 2.0 small cap ways to invest in this trend is with 3D Printing stocks.  We here at Bold Profits see 3D printing as having one of the biggest impacts on today’s industrial economy.  As Paul sees it, 3D printing represents the leading edge of the way America 2.0 will show itself in the real economy.  A representation of the real economy is the U.S. housing market.  We’ve been forecasting for a sometime now how the U.S. housing market will experience further gains ahead due to significant U.S. housing shortage and a surge in household formations from our mega trends of millennials and generation Z.  Record gains in the S&P 500 homebuilding index support this thesis.  As people buy/build homes, they’ll need more pipes, furniture, bathtubs. Whether it be the objects themselves or the small parts that make them, that’s going to have to come into the world of America 2.0. The most direct manifestation of that is 3D printing.  To buy into this market consider investing in the 3D Printing ETF ticker, PRNT.  PRNT is a 3D Printing ETF that follows a number of small cap 3D printing stocks.

#2. Second.  For an opportunity to capture extraordinary small-cap wins, check out Paul’s Secret Portfolio stock trading service.  Subscribers to this service just locked in our highest gain ever: a 1,718% gain in 2 years.  This is a real-life manifestation of what investing in small caps stocks can do for your portfolio.  So, a big congratulations to our Secret Portfolio subscribers held strong hand hands and made this trade.  Just know, this was a tremendous milestone and a true testament to the massive opportunity we see in all of our America 2.0 trends — across all of our services. Of course, not every pick will win this big.  But there’s always another opportunity right around the corner for the bold. So to get in on small cap trading opportunities like this, please click the strong hands icon over my shoulder to see how Paul picks some of his most exciting, speculative stocks on the market.

 Weeky Economic Releases 032221

Finally, turning toward the U.S. economic week ahead: There will be 8 major economic releases.  On Tues. Feb. New home sales will post at 10am, on Wed. Feb. Preliminary Durables goods orders and Mar. Preliminary Markit U.S. Manufacturing will post at 8:30am and 9:45am, respectively.  On Thurs. GDP Annualized QoQ 4Q Third reading will post at 8:30am. And on Fri. Feb. Personal Income & Spending, and Mar’s U. of Michigan Sentiment reading will post at 8:30am and 10am, respectively.

Of these releases we’ll be watching, Feb. New home sales and Preliminary durable goods orders.

Until next time, Take Care!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. Small caps are winning right now! I’ve said it before, but markets will never go up in a straight line. And when we come out of market madness, the recovery usually starts in smaller America 2.0 stocks. The 1,718% winner after two years that we told you about isn’t something you see every day, but it does speak to the explosive opportunities I see in today’s America 2.0 bull market. And in my Secret Portfolio research service, we’re pinpointing speculative stocks with skyrocketing potential that are largely unknown to the average Main Street investor. Click here now to see how you can get the strategy details before our special discounted offer closes tomorrow!

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