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Lyft Is White-Hot! Ride Its $21 Billion IPO Surge

Lyft Is White-Hot! Ride Its $21 Billion IPO Surge

Investors have been abuzz about Levi Strauss & Co.’s (NYSE: LEVI) decision to go public last week, a move that led the jeansmaker’s stock to skyrocket 30%.

But another company is about to issue an initial public offering (IPO) that is likely to dwarf Levi’s rise. It’s the ride-sharing company Lyft, sometimes thought of as Uber’s younger brother.

If you’re a regular Bold Profits Daily reader, you know I’ve been bullish on ride-sharing services. They are projected to grow by nearly 20% annually, blossoming into a $218 billion market by 2025, up from $61.3 billion last year, according to industry analysts.

But it’s not just e-hailing services like Lyft that will see their stock values rise. Companies that invested in these game-changing services will benefit as well — along with shareholders.

Today, I told subscribers to my Extreme Fortunes service about a company that represents an extraordinary way to benefit from Lyft’s IPO because it bought into the ride-sharing service early.

Check out my video below.

Bold Profits Daily
March 26, 2019

Hi everyone. This is Paul with your Bold Profits Daily.

Today I am going to tell you about an extraordinary investment. I want to be completely upfront here, that I will not be able to give you the actual investment that I am going to recommend to my Extreme Fortunes readers because it’s too valuable.
And in this Bold Profits Daily, I will tell you why.

You will have noticed that there is a lot of chatter going out there in the marketplace about IPOs. In fact, last week Levi’s — this is the jean maker — became an IPO and the stock shot up 30%. And the buzz is beginning for the next big IPO: And that is of the ride-sharing company Lyft.

I have been tracking what has been going on and it looks like this IPO looks hot. They are moving up the price, which means that there’s a lot of demand from portfolio managers on the street. And, so, in this Bold Profits Daily I am going to tell you there are actually a number of companies that bought in early to lift.

These include stocks like General Motors (NYSE: GM). Yes, General Motors actually owns a 9% share in Lyft. Obviously when Lyft goes public they are going to make a ton of money. It’s possible GM stock might have a little bit of a pop, a kind of reflected glory from Lyft. Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), the Chinese Amazon company, they too own a piece of Lyft. Also a financial company called KKR (NYSE: KKR).

In the email that goes out with this Bold Profits Daily, you will see the ticker symbols for GM and Alibaba and also KKR. However, in my research for this Bold Profits Daily I found a company that is dirt cheap. It has a stock market value of just $145 million.

And they own a significant part of Lyft. In fact, I went and calculated what they made on their initial $5 million investment in Lyft. It looks like they made nearly 2,500%. They bought Lyft when it was valued at $850 million. Just so you know, when Lyft comes public it will be a $21 billion company.

And they will get the benefit of that. The best part is, it’s completely not reflected in the stock price of this company, which is why I’m so excited about it. So you could make a little bit of money by owning GM and Alibaba and KKR. And I understand some number of Fidelity mutual funds and some number of T. Rowe Price mutual funds also own pieces of Lyft.

However, I believe if you actually want to get the pop that is going to come from Lyft without actually buying the actual stock — in other words, you get the benefit of all the gains that have happened since it first became a private company that people could invest in the private markets — this is the stock to own.

I’m going to make the recommendation to my readers tomorrow. It will go out as a flash trade. So if you’re interested in that, you should look into my Extreme Fortunes service.

Now, if you want to get the benefit of the Lyft trade, also check into all the stocks I mentioned: General Motors, Alibaba, KKR. Go look into the T. Rowe Price funds and Fidelity funds that own Lyft. And those will go up as well.

That’s my Bold Profits Daily for you this week. A big unicorn IPO, a multi-billion, huge ridesharing future of way of transportation IPO is coming. Lyft is the company and it’s going to come in the next couple weeks or so. I believe it’s going to move the stocks I mentioned. In particular, it’s going to move the stock I found that I’m going to release to my Extreme Fortunes readers.

I’ll have another one for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.

Your Vehicle to Extraordinary Wealth

Several companies recognized early on the ways in which ride-sharing services were going to eat into rental cars, the taxi industry and even automakers’ fortunes.

Among them: General Motors, which actually owns a 9% share in Lyft.

Two others that own stock in Lyft: Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon company, and a financial company called KKR.

GM has already seen its initial $5 million investment in Lyft soar nearly 2,500%. When Lyft goes public it will be a $21 billion company.

While I’m not recommending any of the aforementioned companies, there is one small company set to absolutely skyrocket on Lyft’s IPO.

I can’t mention the ticker here due to the company’s small size. But members of my Extreme Fortunes service have the opportunity to get in now. (If you’re not yet a member, click here to learn more.)

That’s all I have for this week. I’ll be back next week with another Bold Profits Daily.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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