My Life Would Be So Much Easier If I Got ‘Chipped’

Having an imbedded microchip is a massive benefit. I’d have hundreds of hours back each year that I spent searching for my wallet and other essential things.

“Your flights to New York and Barcelona are ready for check-in.”

I began checking in using the airline’s app.

At “Enter passport number,” panic set in. I didn’t have my passport.

I’ll tell you what happened in a bit. Before that, let me explain why I’m telling you this story.

A few weeks ago, I told you that I’d get “chipped” to make my life easier.

Forgetting my passport makes me more certain of my decision.


Back then, I said I’d love to leave my house without worrying about my wallet.

Add to that my passport and driver’s license, and the keys to my house and car.

To me, there is zero benefit in carrying these things. Remembering to do it daily is a nuisance.

Having them on an imbedded microchip is a massive benefit. I’d have hundreds of hours back each year. That’s how much time I estimate I spend searching for these things.

I’d have less stress because I’d stop worrying about forgetting these things.

I’d be thrilled to have more time and less stress.

Going back to my story. Instead of panicking over if I was ever going to get to Barcelona, Spain, I could be at the bar.

Chipping Is for Me

I live just 20 minutes from the airport, so I was able to get my passport.

I made my flights to New York and Barcelona.

Truthfully, I got lucky.

I’d have missed my flights if I lived farther from the airport. Or if I got to the airport later. Or if my Lyft driver had taken longer.

The whole experience makes me even more certain that chipping is for me.

I’m certain too that other people are going to see chipping as a benefit.

No one I know likes chasing after their wallet, keys and driver’s license daily. Or panicking because they left their passport at home.

Equally, most people I know would love the benefits of going walletless, keyless, licenseless and passportless.

Imagine being able to wave your hand and pay for things. Or being able to start your car without a key. Or opening the door to get into your home. Or being able to go through security and immigration without showing anything.

They Already Know Everything

I’m aware of people’s objections to chipping. However, our phones already collect huge amounts of data on us.

Google knows everything you do online. Facebook knows everyone you know. Amazon knows everything you buy online. Visa and Mastercard know everything you buy.

Radio-frequency ID (RFID) chips are also in things like E-ZPass, I-Pass and SunPass that let you go through tollbooths. They are also in passports and some ID tags.

Getting chipped isn’t going to change much in terms of our privacy.

You could argue that by making the chip more personal, we’ll be more aware of our data. We’ll pay more attention to how much of it we share.

Then we’ll be more on guard because we’re aware of being active generators of data. We’ll insist on real restrictions on data collection and use.

That’s a better deal than what we have now. Google, Facebook, Apple and Visa all simply take our data through getting us to click on their hundred-page user agreements.

No one reads those. Even lawyers skip through them and click OK.

Right now, the fear of getting chipped makes it unlikely that most people will get one. However, remember that all successful innovations start small.

There are always objections and difficulties. This was true for the train, car, computer, cellphone and even paper money.

However, in the end, convenience, cost and a better life always win out. I believe that will be true for chipping too.


Paul Mampilly
Editor, Profits Unlimited

  • Coogrrr Coogrrr

    As a techie I have to ask…. but which company or technology do we invest in? Who will win in this new game? It is early going and I am sure there is good investments to be made but the $64 question is still who or what!

  • Chuck Heinbockel

    I couldn’t care less as long as they don’t make it mandatory (but I’ll be they will). I have religious objections to it.

  • snaketrapper

    And how could the Apostle John have known about this 2000 years ago? (Rhetorical question)

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    If they can combine everything and replace your Passport, Driver’s License, credit card, car keys, etc and put it on a chip INSIDE your body then they can do the same on a chip OUTSIDE of your body. Why not do that first.

  • Thomas Waldenfels

    You either have no knowledge of history and are genuinely blind to the threat this technology poses or you’re a tool of those who would love nothing more than to use this technology to control us. Either way, it doesn’t reflect very well on you or the wisdom of your investment advice.

    Getting chipped makes about as much sense as volunteering to be a slave.

    You act as if giving up one’s privacy is no big deal. It’s a very big deal. And none of the realities regarding our loss of privacy you mention above is a good thing. Anybody who has anything to do with Facebook is a fool IMO.

    By the way, you left out the so-called intelligence agencies? Why? That’s who you have to worry about if you get chipped. They’ll know absolutely everything about you at that point, including where you are. Let’s hope you never find the actions of the government seriously wanting.

    Loss of privacy eventually = loss of freedom. Do you care about loss of freedom, or are you willing to trade it for a little convenience?

    Here’s an idea. How about you implant that passport in a warm dark place, so you’ll always have access to it … and stop promoting the agenda of the globalist weasels.

  • Michael Houser

    This is some real scary stuff. I never realized that people would so easily give up their freedom for convenience. No thanks, I pass on a chip to the hand/face or for that matter the number of the beast! Rev 13:18

  • adrian mungiu

    The idea of having all one’s personal, financial, legal history, etc… on a chip that can be easily read is astonishingly thoughtless. Have you heard chipped credit cards in your wallet or purse can be read by a passerby with a reading device? Now you are willing to give these thieves access to all of your information for convenience? I own a special wallet to block these thieves from gaining access to my credit/bank card account information. How do you plan to block them from reading the chip in your body? And when they steal your information they will have everything needed to steal your complete identity, not just money from your credit cards– your birth date, SS#, place of birth, mother’s maiden name, current address, travel history, transducer signal for your car (very handy when they know where you live), etc…

  • joe4liberty

    okay folks, reread the article. Paul is not endorsing getting chipped, he is only saying that in the end, it will win out. Like all of you, I agree that it is scary. But the point where we should have been scared should have been back in the 30’s when they issued us all SSI cards, and our privacy has gone downhill ever since. Anyone who thinks that they life in a “free country” hasn’t been paying attention. And anyone who thinks that there is privacy any longer has not heard what Edward Snowden tried to tell us. I do not endorse getting chipped either, but Paul is right. in the end we will have it, and it will be sold for it’s convenience, and there is no denying that it will be convenient. But here’s a question; anyone asking why there is a belief that said chip has to be put INSIDE of us? Why couldn’t that chip be something external that we could carry or not (like our phone and cards, and keys, ect… etc…). with one single device that we carry for EVERYTHING rather than getting “chipped”… no one is talking about that option (except of course Apple).

  • Protonius

    IMO, this article’s writer is either BLATANTLY IGNORANT of, or is INTENTIONALLY IGNORING –, or is, for whatever the reason (such as the desire to FINANCIALLY PROFIT FROM investing in certain implantable-chip technologies) — SUGAR-COATING the EXTREME DANGERS THAT THIS TECHNOLOGY POTENTIALLY POSES TO EVERY LIVING HUMAN BEING.

    Sure, being chipped can make things more “convenient” — but FOR WHOM, and TO WHAT DEGREE?

    Hitler’s regime also reportedly made a deal, even back then when computers were relatively in their infancy, with IBM, to catalog and, it was hoped, to QUANTIFY AND TRACK EVERY JEWISH PERSON in order to assist the planning of, among other things, the “Final Solution”. Or, in more simple terms, what does this BanyanHill writer think that the TATOOING OF SERIAL-NUMBERS into PRISONERS’ ARMS in Hitler’s CONCENTRATION CAMPS was done? Was it to make life more CONVENIENT for the PRISONERS?

    The article’s writer, being in the financial field, must certainly know about the DANGERS that the current worldwide push to “IMPRACTICALIZE” and effectively “OUTLAW” the use of CASH, and to increasingly force the world’s populace into using only GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED “DIGITAL CASH”, represents: Various experts say that this is a MONUMENTAL SHIFT TOWARD LOSS OF PERSONAL FREEDOMS and TOWARD, POTENTIALLY, TOTALITARIAN CONTROL of EVERYONE.

    Using “digital cash” is, of course, TREMENDOUSLY CONVENIENT. But, the question is, MORE CONVENIENT FOR WHOM?

    Even now, and even as the BanyanHill article’s author writes, “privacy” is fast-disappearing. But does that make it a GOOD thing? Or does the rapidly-disappearing (and some might say “being stolen”) right of privacy — or of even the ACCESS to privacy — signal the increasingly rapid rise of something that ON THE SURFACE seems CONVENIENT but BENEATH THAT SURFACE is a rapidly-rising EVIL?

    If, for example, you’re in the Penthouse of a high-rise building, and you want to get down to the main floor fast, what would you say is the better idea of how to do that? Would you decide to JUMP OFF THE BALCONY — because, certainly, that would be the fastest and “MORE CONVENIENT” way to get to the main floor — or would you THINK ABOUT THE RAMIFICATIONS MORE CAREFULLY and INSTEAD CHOOSE to use the ELEVATOR, or even the STAIRCASE?

    Same questions — but perhaps to a degree MORE INSIDIOUS — apply to a shift toward BEING “CHIPPED”.


    Once you are “CHIPPED” — and, by the way, who knows what ELSE that implanted-chip may be designed to do — where could you go, or what could you do, to UN-CHIP yourself (if that would at all be possible) or to ESCAPE being tracked and to KEEP YOUR VERY ESSENCE (such as not only much, maybe all, of your “REGULAR PERSONAL” information, but maybe ALSO your INTENSELY PERSONAL DATA such as your DNA-data, your BIOLOGICAL-INDICATORS-data) OUT OF THE GRASP OF ANYONE WHO, for WHATEVER their reasons, WISHES YOU ILL?

    There such a VAST array of research — historical, scientific, technological — into the very solid bases for all these concerns, that I am AMAZED that this BanyanHill article’s author finds such apparent EASE in glossing-over, minimizing, and even IGNORING, these warnings.

    Or, does he, I wonder, see only the “DOLLAR-SIGNS” (or should I say “DIGITAL-CASH-SIGNS”) at the end of the proverbial rainbow, regardless of the wide swathe of destruction that ignorantly pursuing his recommended path of “CONVENIENCE” would be plowing in the pursuit of that ever-distant rainbow?

    Agreed, I can see that probably ENORMOUS financial profits are to be made for those who, with erudition, invest in “implantable chip” technologies and the like. (Note: “SMART-DUST” is said to be a now-emerging follow-on to the CURRENT state of those technologies, with IMMENSE potential).

    Will pursuit of FINANCIAL PROFITS in these areas ultimately TRUMP the remaining FREEDOMS –limited though they may be — that people in “FREE” countries still might hold dear?

    Stay tuned.

  • Protonius

    Extremely well-said!

  • Protonius

    This is how freedoms die: not with a bang, but with a whimper. And with ignorant propagandists for “CONVENIENCE” such as (IMO) the writer of this BanyanHill article.

  • Protonius

    “CONVENIENCE”, of course! But, of course, putting a device — which you can’t remove and can’t control — is far more “CONVENIENT” as a means to CONTROL you. And, gosh! — Who would POSSIBLY want to do THAT?

  • Protonius

    IMO, Chuck, you SHOULD care MORE, because the potential for abuse of this technology, IMO, could be far-reaching and, possibly, devastating.

  • Protonius

    Thomas: Right on!

  • Thomas Waldenfels

    He’s not? Could have fooled me.

    ” I’d get “chipped” to make my life easier.

    The whole experience makes me even more certain that chipping is for me … Having them on an imbedded microchip is a massive benefit. I’d have hundreds of hours back each year.

    I’d have less stress because I’d stop worrying about forgetting these things.

    I’d be thrilled to have more time and less stress.”

  • D F

    I studied IT, and think technology is the greatest…UNLESS of course 1) it stops working(then it becomes the worst, since everyone is totally dependent on it)…AND if people want to use it for control against my will to decide.

  • Rachael Marino-Dowdney

    Sharing my purchases is completely different than the ability to hear every thought I have or idea I come up with! Ethics sure but truly someone will be collecting that data as well! Is it worth it? I don’t believe that not having to unlock or start a vehicle or to be able to purchase food from a vending machine is worth handing over every part of my soul!

  • Rachael Marino-Dowdney

    I am with you, let’s not sell our souls, I would like to keep some part of me for myself!

  • Rachael Marino-Dowdney

    FYI these microchips are already being implanted in mass Americans and it’s used to implement thoughts & mind control basically. A person who’s been to the hospital has a non-consensual implant! Most babies have them. Take notice to all the tweens and younger a programming at an alarming rate! This has been going on and it van make a person seem psychotic or act as nothing has changed about them in the least! Most will blow off what I type here but if your parents or loved one especially your child begins to exhibit behaviors that aren’t in their character get a MIR.

  • Teagen2015

    Yes. The human version of the ear tag is being sold as advantageous to the proletariat by the government. Ahh. Nothing suspect there. This is right out of the text of Agenda 2030 (21) Population control at its finest. Let big brother build a mega file on you with a chip that tells them every single thing you do. The “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” has became reality. How hard is it to change votes on a machine that reads a chip?? Mindless, faceless, soulless.

  • Chuck Heinbockel

    You’re correct, my friend. This bothers me greatly. I have religious objections to this that will probably be overruled at some point.

  • Mariana Massoud