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Keep Riding Uber’s Momentum

Keep Riding Uber’s Momentum

Here at Bold Profits, we’ve been gearing up all week for Uber’s arrival to the stock market.

With its $75.5 billion valuation coming in as one of the largest initial public offerings (IPOs) in history, our team was excited to see Uber make a splash in the market.

And despite a rocky start to its first trading day, Uber still has the momentum to make a huge impact on the ride-sharing industry.

Uber’s newly public stock opens the door for more potential IPOs to join the market. Right now, there are at least 70 more IPOs slated to go public throughout the rest of the year.

And you can take advantage of these new offerings with the info in this week’s Bold Profits Daily articles.

Week in Review

Monday, May 6: Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer joined us on video for this week’s Market Talk. They discussed the market’s recent IPO Fever: The Best New Public Offerings. When it comes to IPOs, the market’s never been more ready to embrace a surge of brand-new companies. Click here to watch Paul, Amber and Ian discuss the most anticipated IPOs.

Tuesday, May 7: Paul answers all your questions by saying: Let’s Go, IPOs! Everything You Need to Know. If you’ve been wondering what an IPO is, how it works and how you can profit from the best IPOs coming to the market, Paul’s got you covered. Click here to watch.

Wednesday, May 8: Amber gives you her knowledge with What I’ve Learned From Successful Mega IPOs. Through her years of investment research, Amber’s learned which companies have had some of the most successful IPOs in the last 10 years. Click here to read more about why two companies succeeded when they first joined the market.

Thursday, May 9: Ian describes The Major Economic Boom Nobody Is Talking About in India. Since the end of 2008, India’s stock market has gone up 289%, surpassing both the U.S. and China stock markets in the same time. With this kind of momentum, it’s easy to say that India’s the country to watch for the future. Click here to read more.

Friday, May 10: Nick Tate covers $105 Million IPO Spotlights Organ Transplant Opportunity. With the global transplantation market on track to increase to $51 billion in the next six years, the market is ripe for an opportunity to make organ transplants faster and more efficient. Click here to find out which company’s IPO holds the key to saving lives.


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