Better Than Crypto and Cannabis

Crypto and cannabis: two good places to make big money, we said. That’s when our topic shifted to the third hot sector — junior mining stocks.

My friend Matt Badiali stopped by the Weiss office the other day.

As you can see from our photo together, he’s a big guy.

Crypto and cannabis: two good places to make big money, we said. That’s when our topic shifted to the third hot sector — junior mining stocks.

But so is his story, which I’ve been anxious to share with you:

Three investment sectors that
are like moon rockets,
with a lot more to come…

The first is cryptocurrencies — ripe with gains that defy the imagination, but also rife in unknowns that could wipe you out.


We see hundreds of new coins launched just in the last few months, but many potential investors have been left on the sidelines scratching their heads. What’s the best way to buy coins? Which coins represent the best opportunities? How do you sort through all the noise?

A huge opportunity? Absolutely! But there’s lots to learn before you invest, and it’s critical to find the right expert.

The second is cannabis. Here, too, the profit potential is great. But like cryptocurrencies, the sector is riddled with uncertainties: looming legal battles. There’s hundreds of new entrants jumping into a crowded field.

“Two good places to make big money,” we said, “but no place to bet the farm.”

That’s when our topic shifted to the third hot sector — junior mining stocks.

An Experienced Geologist on Junior Mining Stocks

And that’s when we breathed a great sigh of relief, because with junior mining stocks, we know exactly what to look for, and exactly what to expect.

Matt is an experienced geologist. He’s been there, done that — and not just figuratively.

Not long ago, for example, he invested his own money in a junior mining company that he discovered on one of his many field trips.

Within two years, his investment soared by 4,400%.

“And looking dead ahead,” he insists, “this type of thing is going to happen over and over again.”

You already know about the forces that are driving this incipient boom:

The great supercycle Sean Brodrick has talked so much about, the supply and demand crunch for key resources that’s hitting globally and more.

Now there’s another, which is especially important for the energy sector.

A Favorable Tax Code

Matt calls it the “$34.6 Billion Payout,” a unique tax incentive structure from the new tax law that was just approved.

You see, in December 2017, Congress took major steps to protect America’s energy independence. Buried in the 500-plus pages of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are a few key provisions that go a long way toward fostering the growth of the nation’s energy infrastructure.

They’re a big incentive for companies to reinvest in their own growth — and in America’s energy and transportation infrastructure.

However, these benefits to the American taxpayers are set to expire in 2025, unless Congress passes an extension.

So that gives investors an even bigger incentive to jump in now, while the tax code is exceptionally favorable. One more power force that could drive the market higher.

I’ll be talking to Matt again about this very soon, but this time with two big differences:

Instead of standing outside my office, we’ll be in a TV studio.

And instead of telling you about it after the fact, we’re going to invite you to join.

Good luck, and God bless!




Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Founder, Weiss Research