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Joining Strong Hands Across 50 States!


Last week, we asked for you to help Paul Mampilly and the team build our Strong Hands nation … reaching all 50 states!

Since then, we’ve received stories and pictures of Bold Profits readers from not just across America, but from all around the world.

Here are just a few:

We already have Strong Hands from 26 states and even 9 different countries. But we’re not there yet. We need to keep spreading the word. You see, Paul is on a mission.

He wants to level the playing field and give 1,000 everyday people the edge they need to make money in the markets. This was the motivation behind his book, Profits Unlimited.

Take a look at this excerpt, fresh off the pages:

Every time another investor finds a reason to doubt me, I prove him or her wrong.

Every time. My secret? Strong Hands.

You see, market makers want you to be weak. They want the turbulence of this bullish market to force you to sell so that they can swoop in, take your stock and reap the benefits of your sales. It’s a dirty game of manipulation that’s been played in the stock market for decades.

However, my job is to get you to see the bigger picture.

This is exactly why we’re calling on all of you to help us build our Strong Hands nation.

If you already have a copy of Paul’s book, take a selfie with it. Then visit this link or click on the map below to share your Strong Hands nation pride:

If you don’t have a copy of Paul’s bestselling book, you can get yours now by clicking here. Then send us your Strong Hands!

Let’s make the U.S. map purple from coast to coast!

Earn Your Strong Hands in Bold Profits

If you’re still finding your Strong Hands, don’t worry. Our Bold Profits Daily team has you covered. Take a look at this week’s best of the best:


Your Bold Profits Team

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“Thirteen of my positions are up well over 50% in less than a year since joining your service. Two are in the triple digits with several close behind. My personal money manager, who works for one of the largest banks in the country, is envious of my gains. I never dreamed this was possible. My trips to China to teach English to young Chinese students is now much more affordable. Thank you for your dedication and help.”

- Chris K.

"I couldn’t believe it … in just 2 months, I made $298,506 on one stock – that’s a 24% gain!"

- John B.

"I went all in with $310,000 and a year later, my portfolio was at $425,000. This I would have never accomplished with mutual funds, I will be following your research for the rest of my life thank you Paul and the team."

- Karl A.

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