Jeff D. Opdyke – Investment Director and Editor of Total Wealth Insider, Frontline Investor, Precision Profits and Private Assets Report

Jeff Opdyke is the investment director and executive editor at The Sovereign Society. Jeff has been investing directly in the international markets since 1995, making him one of the true pioneers of foreign trading. His passion is finding the renegade plays “on the ground” in overseas markets, and uncovering those explosive trends long before they become mainstream. Today, he operates with brokerage accounts in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Egypt and elsewhere.

Jeff is the editor of Total Wealth Insider newsletter. For his 25,000 subscribers, he finds proven investments … from global stocks to emerging-market investments and foreign-currency plays that most people will never hear about. Just recently, Jeff sold two positions for gains of 192% and 146% respectively, and he has four open positions with gains near or north of 100%.

He is also the editor of Frontline Investor, a weekly advisory that shows his subscribers how investing “in country” can result in far greater returns than they could ever find in stagnant American markets. Jeff often travels the world looking for new profit opportunities wherever they may arise, from Singapore to Australia to South America. Jeff’s on-the-ground research guarantees his subscribers are getting the best information from in-country sources at all times. Currently, Jeff has open positions that are up about 60%, 85% and 50%, just to name a few. He just closed three positions for gains of 29%, 44% and 48%. These are the fast-moving, explosive plays that Jeff finds for his Frontline Investor subscribers.

As our investment director, Jeff also has his hands in a couple of our other services. For instance, he’s the editor of Precision Profits, a weekly advisory that uses seasonal-based stock patterns to routinely deliver triple-digit gains. Just recently, he closed positions for 100%, 200%, 100%, 109% and 109% — all within two months of recommending each trade.

He’s also the editor of Private Assets Report, a service designed to keep subscribers informed about the hottest collectibles markets, while walking them, step-by-step, through starting their own collection — be it guitars, whisky, comics, ancient coins or something else. It brings them into the world of some of the most successful investors, who are shielding their money from Wall Street volatility and government intrusion … all while diversifying their portfolios with an area proven to bank gains up to five times higher than the stock market.

Prior to The Sovereign Society, Jeff spent 17 years with The Wall Street Journal, writing about investing and personal finance, including the Journal’s nationally syndicated “Love & Money” column. His work has been published in upward of 80 newspapers nationwide, and he is also the author of six books.

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