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Paul Mampilly
IPO Speculator


Curious what subscribers have to say about Paul Mampilly’s IPO Speculator stock newsletter? Read real customer reviews and testimonials here.


“I am a new investor, having been with your service since August. I am delighted to say that I just sold CVAC and doubled my money in 3 months time.  I have already bought into Zillow as well. Thank you, thank you for helping this very small time investor to make a little cash. You are the best. I enjoy your videos with Amber and Alex so much and I look forward to them.” – Diane G. 


Many thanks for this outstanding service, Paul. Thanks to you and your associates, my annualized gains are running an impressive 30% since I enrolled in July.” – Arnie C. 


It has been a great year!  My realized Gains this year are $49,690.  My unrealized gains are 44%.  Nothing less than incredible.  I am an Inner Circle member.  I have on the order of 50 stocks across your services.” – Tim P. 


I have been a Premium Member from just about the beginning.  Your speculating philosophy matches mine and you and your team have the expertise that I lack so I participate in all your services and assiduously follow the rules of the game.  My goal is to get in at a lower average price than the model portfolio and that takes a little patience.  With regards to IPO Speculator, in April I started tracking my returns.  I have not had the good fortune to get in on any of the Pre IPO trades yet but for the Post IPO trades that have closed since April my average return has been 59%.  I haven’t tracked the average hold times but it looks like the annualized return is well over 100%.  That percentage is amazing.  I plan on tracking the average hold times starting with today’s OSH trade.  I have done extremely well with all your services, thank you so much. – Patrick M. 


“I made a 59.8% gain on RKT this morning.  I was able to get in at the pre-IPO price of $18.  Great Trade!  Thanks for your dedication to us little people.  It is very much appreciated.  Let’s keep this up.” – Bob H. 


Before the COVID Crash our account had just topped $700k. At the bottom it was at $443k. Since then we are back up above $740k. As a result we didn’t have to postpone our backyard improvement project. We were able add a shed ($2500) and a deck ($15,000) plus furniture ($2,000). We couldn’t have done this without Paul’s help.” – Jim W. 


Just sold my ONEM post-IPO position for an 89% gain.  As I’m tracking my portfolio the red positions always jump off the page at me so wanted to acknowledge the tremendously satisfying return that can result from being patient, having strong hands and being BOP!” – David O. 


What a great feeling! I just sold the 200 shares bought at $9.50. They were sold between $35.-$37. Thank you for the education! A very exciting event!” – John C. 


***Names have been changed for subscriber privacy, but all reviews are 100% real testimonials we have received from actual subscribers of IPO Speculator.

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