How to Make an Extra $1 Million Next Year

Investment Strategies Conference

“If the lot of us hit Chicago like a meteor, we’d have a pretty wide impact.”

Teresa Schmedding, president of ACES (the society for editing), stood on stage in front of an image of a crater-looking blob encompassing a wide swath of Chicago. The audience of over 700 editors and writers laughed, and I felt the rush of eagerness that comes with being around like-minded people.

Yep, I’m in Chicago this week! I’m here for a conference that will assist me, and the rest of our editorial department, in sharpening our pencils (or keyboards). That way, we can keep helping our experts deliver clear, concise and compelling wealth-building tips to you.

Schmedding wasn’t discussing our literal physical impact on Chicago. (A flaming ball of editors sounds a little terrifying.) The metaphor was meant to illustrate just how much our editing expertise can reverberate through the world of information.

But attending a conference devoted to editing, being surrounded by people who had so much experience and knowledge to share, it reminded me of why I chose this profession. Better yet, I was reminded of how much more I can learn.

And you know me. Somehow, I’m going to relate this idea to what we do at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Well, you’re right!

My time at the ACES conference made me think of other conferences on the horizon. Specifically, I thought about our Total Wealth Symposium this September.

An investment strategies conference

Of course, instead of it being an editorial conference, it’s an investment strategies conference. So attendees learn less about comma splicing, and more about 2019 economic forecasts, collapsing industries, sectors gaining traction and the best stocks to trade.

In a nutshell, people learn how to enrich their lives in ways that seem practically impossible on their own. And then (and this is my favorite part), they learn to use that information to make the world of investing less threatening.

For example, last year’s attendees were given insights that gave them a chance to secure gains totaling 1,665%. Since that was just six months ago, that’s an annualized return of about 3,000%.

I’m sure those profits made trading more fun than intimidating. (In fact, if you were at that conference, I’d love to hear if that’s true! Just write to me here.)

This year, our team has an even loftier goal — to put an extra $1 million in each person’s pocket within a year.

That seems a little bold, I know. But experts such as Paul Mampilly, Matt Badiali, Ted Bauman, Chad Shoop and the rest of the Banyan Hill team — plus over a dozen world-renowned specialists from every corner of the financial industry — will be there. (I will be there too, by the way!)

And combined, they hold a wealth of knowledge about the industry — from rallying tech and natural resource stocks to winning technical analysis tricks. And that’s priceless.

Even better, they plan to give workshops that will help you find winning investments on your own.

Take Michael Carr, for instance. He’s our systems expert. Last year, he showed attendees a way to grab 700% in less than six months from just one position.

Click here to read how he did that. You can also watch this YouTube video on his strategy:

This is all to say that even if you enjoy reading our investment advice from the comfort of home, there’s still so much more to learn. Conferences are a more direct, immediate way to sharpen your own toolkit and find ways to the wealth that will empower you.

That’s the whole reason we created Banyan Hill Publishing.

So even if you don’t visit our conference, think about putting yourself out there. Reading is a fantastic method of gaining knowledge. But conferences and workshops instill the information in a unique, immovable fashion. Do some research. See what conferences resonate with you.

That’s how you put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Plus, you shake hands with your favorite experts and chat with your fellow readers! I don’t know about you, but those are huge pluses for me.

So, to reserve your seat at the Total Wealth Symposium, just click here.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg

Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing