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Last weekend, I decided to do a little housecleaning.

In my former financial-journalism career, I was forever acquiring press passes and assorted tchotchkes — coffee cups, plastic binders, pens and the like — they hand out at conventions of every stripe. That’s one thing I don’t miss about being a financial journalist. Time to throw some of the junk out.

What’s one thing I do miss?

Hearing all the “backchannel,” cutting-edge investment information. The industry group could be anything — radiologists, cruise industry pros, telecom engineers, whatever. With a little time and careful listening, I’d come away with at least two or three great investment ideas at each event.

These days, I have an alternative method to hear about similar million-dollar investment ideas — without racking up thousands in airfare and hotel bills…

It’s called “digital video.”

Really. I’m not kidding.

For many people, those two words mean time-wasting stuff such as cute kittens on YouTube or ESPN football highlights.

But organizers of nearly every event videotape their forums, panel sessions and keynote speeches. If you poke around on almost any industry group’s website or visit their YouTube channel, it’s all right there. Unedited. Unfiltered.

Think about it. One investment idea, one expert’s insight, could have a life-changing impact on you or your investment portfolio.

Survival Defense Kit

That goes for The Sovereign Society. We just wrapped up our 2015 Total Wealth Symposium (TWS) at Paradise Island in The Bahamas on Sunday.

Our privacy and wealth protection expert Ted Bauman made lots of valuable comments at our “Covering Your Assets” forum. How much could that information be worth?

Or what about China and its recent yuan devaluation? Does it mean the beginning of the end for China’s economy? Or is it just setting the stage for China’s second act of growth? Jeff Opdyke had plenty to say about both, with investment ideas you can put to work right now.

It’s all wrapped up into a video package we call the Survival Defense Kit.

Now, I can almost hear you saying “Yeah, sure, JL — but won’t that information be “old” by the time I get my kit?”

Hardly. That’s the beauty of any event that puts a handful of very smart people in one location. They’re discussing trends — big ones, the kind that go on and on. To reap the rewards of those trends, all we have to do is keep our ears open for investment ideas.

Time Is Money

Here’s the other reason why the information in the Survival Defense Kit is so valuable. It’s available without filters, without editing. You get the whole context, now, without any middlemen to slow down your ability to benefit from it.

Why is that important? Because it usually takes many weeks or months for big new insights to become mainstream investment ideas.

Now, TWS is a very exclusive gathering. But here’s how it usually works at the big professional conferences I attended as a finance journalist…

In the middle of a panel discussion, one of the Big Thinkers on the dais makes an offhand comment: “We believe there’s a new opportunity…” and he’ll elaborate on that “opportunity” (or investment idea) in more detail. The journalist, sitting in the audience, writes it down in his notebook.

Then the journalist talks to a rival CEO, or a strategist, in the same industry (often at the same convention). The strategist will say privately, “It’s a dumb investment idea. It won’t make money. It won’t work.”

But that’s just to throw everyone off the scent.

Because after the event, he’ll fly home to headquarters, gather his own research team together and say, “Look into these investment ideas.”

Weeks or months later, they’ll have a new report to send out to clients. And that report will tell of a recently uncovered “major new opportunity.”

Of course, by then, the “smart money” — the industry insiders and those who paid attention to a Big Thinker’s talk at the convention — are already well-positioned to take advantage of the emerging investment ideas.

Everyone else has to read about it in a months-old report, and hope for the best.

So the way I’ve always viewed it, we can either wait for great new investment ideas to find their way to us…

Or we can take advantage of digital video, and get unfiltered, unedited access to that information now.

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JL Yastine
Editorial Director, The Sovereign Society