Apple Is in Deep, Deep Trouble


The latest troubling signal of Apple’s problems is the Hackintosh.

“What’s a Hackintosh?” you might be thinking.

A Hackintosh is a custom-brewed computer that runs Apple software.

“Hmm,” you might be wondering: “Why would anyone want to do that? After all, Apple, by reputation, builds the best computers, which everyone else copies.”

Even more, if you’re an investor in Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), you might be thinking: “Why should I care?”

After all, Apple’s stock keeps going up.

“How could Apple be in deep trouble if its stock is going up? Why is its value rising to nearly $1 trillion if it’s trouble?” you might be wondering.

The bottom line is that Apple’s stock and its business are going in opposite directions. Here’s why…

Apple’s Problems

All you have to do to understand Apple’s problems is to go on YouTube.

YouTube is filled with videos from longtime Apple users who have gone from being in love with its computers, tablets and phones … to hating them.

A good example is a video is made by Rick Beato, a musician and a longtime user of Apple devices.

In his video, you’ll see that he’s bought a lot of Apple devices. By my count, he owns four Apple desktops, three iPads and five iPhones.

Beato’s issue with Apple is simple: Since co-founder Steve Jobs died, Apple has become all about the money.

Specifically, Apple keeps changing hardware for no benefit to the end user to get them to buy more devices, and to make them buy premium-priced adapters, dongles and cords.

Right to Repair

Repairs are another major problem for Apple. You see, since Jobs, Apple has been making its devices nearly impossible to repair.

You can get directly to the problem by watching a video called: “The Horrible Truth About Apple’s Repeated Engineering Failures.”

The video was made by Louis Rossmann, a YouTuber who runs a computer repair shop out of New York.

In his video, Rossmann says he believes that Apple is a company that routinely “screws you.”

He goes through 16 problems he’s seen with Apple products. And when you watch Rossmann’s YouTube channel, you can find video after video about how Apple’s products are made so that they are incredibly hard to repair.

Bad Business

Now, you might be thinking: “So what? A bunch of people are making videos on YouTube. Who cares about that?”

The thing is, this stuff matters because this is about Apple’s business.

Beato, Rossmann and the many others who are making these videos know a lot about Apple’s products. And Apple’s business is about making these products.

Making longtime customers like Beato unhappy is bad for business. Creating products that are poorly made is bad for business. And running your business just to sell stuff so you can make money is bad as well.

“If a business does well, its stock price will follow,” says Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.

Buffett also confesses that he uses a flip phone, and that the reason he won’t use an iPhone is because he’s “out of touch.”

Buffett, though, keeps buying Apple’s stock. His $40 billion in AAPL shares keeps surging its price higher because he believes Apple is a great business.

Now, it’s clear that Beato, Rossmann and the other people who actually use Apple’s products have a better read on Apple than Buffett. That means sooner rather than later, Apple’s stock will turn down, and keep going down.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited


I have been purchasing Apple products since the early 2000’s. I have never had to take any of them to be repaired for any reason. Before that, when I had Microsoft products, I was constantly having to remove and re-install windows because of many problems. I would call this article “Fake News”.

I left Microsoft when Win 10 screwed up their O/S. I was a user since dos days and felt Win7 was their last best O/S. Been using Apple OSX based computers ever since and their O/S is best by far. But I use at least 3 yr. old hardware since I agree their newer computers both macbooks and imacs are both not user friendly and cannot be easily upgraded at all. All Cook wants is profits and he and his industrial design guys make bad decisions on hardware design. Bottom line, great O/Ss but crappy hardware designs. And I do own their stock right now.

10% of this article is right. Users like Photographers, video production, and musicians have been ignored for what I call the Daily Small Office and consumer market. Professional users just keep waiting and waiting and limping along with old machines souped up like a old hot rod… Apple needs to take a breath and work on taking time to develop new equipment for the professional people who brought them to the party, so volume consumer products could be developed .
Apple Authorized service providers have very few problems with repairing the Macs.. Apple Stores now send you to a Apple Authorized Service Provider if you have a older Mac, because they have experience on the older macs… and special equipment to work on them…
Aside from that people have been predicting the doom of Apple since I started buying stock in the company for three dollars a share. So the financial Oracles have been wrong and IF YOU REALLY KNOW how they do business, the dollar will collapse before they start having any financial problems. The company is Managed better then any in their field and … Just look around over the last 15 years how many have come and gone… As for changing the Mac’s no reason at all, just look at a Mac laptop from even five years ago and that argument does not hold water / Thinner, Faster, great screen, longer lasting battery, and thinner, Those are some of the
same improvements that make it great for the consumer but harder for repair centers…”the thin part”,
Now most of the parts that use to have there own niche no longer do, they are now part of the motherboard to keep it thin..and light.. If you purchase one you had better buy it with the most amount of RAM you get afford and the largest hard drive you can afford. You can not upgrade either of these items after the purchase…

But…but…I’ve been saying that for so many years! The iPod–I thought at the time that America should never go for that, since it locked them into one source for music and sported lower fidelity than things half or an eighth of its price. I could not find one good thing about the iPod. However, I was totally wrong about how America would feel about those devices. It was just game over from then onward. Even now, none of them are switching from their iPhones to an Android phone with expandable storage and a headphone jack. None of them are switching from iPads to Samsung tablets. They’re hating their new Macbook Pros, so they’re dropping back to their older Macbooks instead of switching to Windows or Linux. I just don’t understand. Yet, I’ve lost out on every opportunity to make a mint with their stock.

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