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Guard Robot-Maker Aims for a Safer U.S.

Guard Robot-Maker Aims for a Safer U.S.

Last week was a 3-for-1 win for me.

Between being at the Total Wealth Symposium in Las Vegas, presenting with a guard robot named K5 and meeting all of you in attendance, this year’s event was definitely one for the books.

However, as an added bonus, I had the pleasure of sitting down to interview the CEO of Knightscope (K5’s maker) and ex-Ford Motor Company executive, William Santana Li.

In this interview, we talked about everything from how Knightscope came up with the design concept for its K5 guard robot, how the tragedy that struck on 9/11 inspired Li’s passion for making the U.S. the safest country in the world and why now is the perfect time to invest in robotics.

Check out the interview below:

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I’ve already begun researching the robotics market to look for stocks to add in my Profits Unlimited service.

If you haven’t subscribed yet and are looking to gain exposure to the sector, Robo Global Robotics & Automation ETF (NYSE: ROBO) is a good place to start.

And if you missed out on last week’s Winning Investor Daily where I recapped my presentation with the help of K5, you can watch it here.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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