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Great American Comeback: Exclusive Trades for You (Wall Street Not Allowed)

Great American Comeback: Exclusive Trades for You (Wall Street Not Allowed)

In baseball, the coach will signal his players when it’s time to “swing away.”

Well I believe now is the time for us to come out of the gate swinging for this recovery.

It takes a pretty large event to get people to move from the old ways to the new.

And now we have that.

Our mega trends leading America 2.0 will slingshot stocks to new highs.

Everything from: 3D printing, artificial intelligence to precision medicine will help launch us forward and act as a catalyst for Americans to embrace the new world.

It’s creating a unique opportunity for Main Street investors. You see, there’s an exclusive group of stocks that only you have access to. They’re simply too small for Wall Street.

But they have the ability to outperform any other. I’m talking the potential to turn every $100 into $10,000 … $1,000 into $100,000 … and $10,000 into $1,000,000.

Everything is lining up for us. And I want you to be a part of this. Let me show you how to make life-changing gains before all the spaces fill up. I’ll tell you everything you need to know here.

It’s time to swing away!

Check out the video below to find out how you can invest five all-star trades for the great American comeback and become a 100X investor:

What’s Going on In The Stock Market?

A lot of people out there are talking about retesting the lows, a double bottom, a triple bottom, new highs next year or maybe in three years.

I can tell you that, from what I can see, I believe we are on the path to the greatest recovery in American history.

There has never been a period of time in America where we shut down virtually the entire economy, certainly several parts of the economy.

A lot of companies that were able to transition their work to remote working have been able to continue to work.

However, an entire segment of our economy has been shut down. I believe you are going to see the economy take off and completely befuddle most people.

Here’s why.

The V-Shaped Recovery Of Historic Proportions

V-shaped recoveryI have expanded on this idea of the monumental v-shaped recovery, here are some reasons why this recovery is looming.

At the point in time when we went into this period — the coronavirus panic and crisis — the economy was in incredible shape already.

Housing was doing well and the industrial economy was doing well. We had all these extraordinary megatrends bubbling underneath and then the coronavirus panic hit.

Then something quite surprising happened.

As we went to deal with the shutdown of various parts of our economy, we started to adapt, to innovate, to use all of these extraordinary tools which are captured in the economic megatrends.

Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, renewable energy— all kinds of things have come to the forefront of our country. These trends are now mainstream. These trends are now changing our very way of life.

I believe as we come out of this global situation, we will not simply go back to the way things were done before this crisis hit us. We are going to take so much of what we are currently doing and use it.

Here’s why it is going to act like a slingshot for our economy.

The Technological Revolution is Almost Here

These new ways have been better for some time, but the old ways have a certain amount of stickiness to them.

It often takes some kind of event to get people to let go of one way of doing things and adopt a new way.

The new way is more efficient, convenient, accessible, cheaper.

That is going to be an enormous boost to our economy that I believe is going to rocket our economy to the greatest recovery in history, certainly on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Many of you might be wondering what you can do to get in on it. You can read more about America 2.0 and watch this video presentation as well.

You can also read about our STIXX trade. That’s five ETFs that get you into the heart of the new America, America 2.0 that is driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and all the megatrends that are going on right now.

The other way you can get in on this is by having a laser focus on what I believe is the best place to be right now, given everything that has happened since this crisis began.

The Federal Reserve has taken interest rates down to zero and is providing liquidity to the financial system.

The federal government has provided one of the biggest stimulus packages in history and more is coming.

And when you look at what you really want to buy, where is the future, where is the greatest growth, where are the greatest profits? They lie in some of the smallest companies out there.

Now, these are tiny companies that are exclusively yours. By “yours” I mean the little guy, the little gal.

Only people with small amounts of money can buy these because these companies are too small for the big money to buy. They are going to have to wait for these to become bigger before they can put their money into them.

They simply cannot buy them. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to get in on extraordinary companies that right now are trading for pennies on the dollar relative to their future.

100X ClubIf you want to get in on this right now, click here. It is going to take you to a page that will give you all the details on this unbelievable service I am calling 100x Club.

It gets you into these stocks at the ground level, right before they are setting up to takeoff on a rocket journey that I believe is going to make an extraordinary amount of money and make them an integral part of America 2.0.

Stay Bullish, Optimistic and Positive!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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