Surging Now: Our Top-Rated Cryptocurrencies

Gigantic New Market

When we issued the world’s first cryptocurrency ratings in January, the crypto world was shocked: Bitcoin got a C+ while coins with more advanced technology got higher grades.

Now, while bitcoin recovers slowly, those more advanced cryptocurrencies are going through the roof.

One of our highest rated coins, EOS, which we recommended at around $6 just a few weeks ago, has rocketed higher, reaching $16.15 overnight. Cardano, Ripple, NEO and others are also surging higher.

Don’t be surprised if they pull back a bit in the coming days. But when they do, it will simply open up another major buying opportunity.

The Key to Cryptos’ Potential

We are at the dawn of a cryptocurrency revolution offering enormous benefits for business — and tremendous profit potential for investors.

The technology that makes the cryptocurrencies so financially private and safe is already beginning to disrupt traditional money and all transactions based on it.

This includes, for example, credit cards. Why should a merchant pay 5% and wait a month to get paid by a bank, when he could get his money with virtually no fee and almost instantly with new high-tech cryptocurrencies?

Ditto for certified checks or wire transfers (especially international), where you’re often required to do a financial striptease in front of government regulators. But you can do the same transaction using the newer cryptocurrencies, maintaining privacy, and paying much less in fees.

Plus, their technology ultimately makes cryptocurrencies safer.

When hackers broke into JPMorgan Chase, they vacuumed up sensitive account information belonging to a whopping 83 million households and business customers.

This stolen information was on sale within hours. Bad actors used it to claim your tax refunds, pay for their insurance or buy new smartphones.

By contrast, transactions made via cryptocurrencies — instead of by credit card, check or bank transfer — are private and stay that way.

Yes, crypto exchanges have sometimes been hacked as well. But as long as you store your money on your personal wallet that you control (a very easy thing to do), those hacks will never harm you.

Why some of the biggest profits in
cryptocurrencies still lie ahead

As you can see, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have tangible, real-world applications that are becoming inherently more valuable to more people every day.

They can be used not just for money, but for almost any web application — to replace Facebook, Google even Amazon.

And that’s why crypto-technology could prove to be so productive — or so disruptive — to just about every company in the Fortune 500.

Yet the number of people using cryptocurrencies is still tiny. So the biggest profits in cryptocurrencies are still to come.

Hundreds of millions of people
are ripe for cryptocurrencies

Hundreds of millions of people in the Americas, Europe, China and India are afraid of what their governments can do to the banks and their money.

India, Cyprus, Greece, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ukraine and Russia have all experienced government freezes of bank accounts, currency collapses or confiscations.

A little over a year ago for example, the government of India suddenly canceled large bank notes. It would be like the U.S. government suddenly declaring $50 and $100 bills worthless.

Citizens were given only three days to turn in their old bank notes for new ones. Millions lost their savings because they couldn’t get to a bank in time.

Argentina and Uruguay have had so many recent currency failures they have a special word for it — corralito.

And right now, Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar, has been collapsing so rapidly that its limit on ATM withdrawals has plunged to the equivalent of just $1 a day. The bolivar is so distrusted that Venezuelans are rushing into cryptocurrencies. Even the government has launched a cryptocurrency called the Petro.

Government limits on bank withdrawals are also common throughout Latin America and Europe. Even in the United States, if you try to make a cash withdrawal of $10,000 or more, you’re going to have to fill out forms that will go straight to the IRS, possibly exposing you to surveillance or an audit.

A Gigantic New Market

So the popular demand for privacy and immediate access to your own money has never been greater. Only cryptocurrencies offer you that protection from nosy, sometimes criminal, governments.

But today, barely 1 in 10,000 adults own cryptocurrencies. So the door is wide open for enormous growth for cryptocurrencies.

And all the average person needs to start making use of cryptocurrencies is a cellphone that connects to the internet.

Talk about a gigantic new market! And, as usual, the biggest profits are almost always made by investors who get in at an early stage.

The total market cap of the top 100 cryptocurrencies is less than a half-trillion dollars.

Meanwhile, the global money supply for government currencies is $90.4 trillion — 180 times as much.

We expect cryptocurrencies to cannibalize a good portion of that. And that’s why the value of the best cryptocurrencies is likely to explode up.

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Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
Founder, Weiss Ratings