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How to Get Rich by Investing $1 a Day

How to Get Rich by Investing $1 a Day

Did you know that $1 is all you need to invest? 


That’s what Katie from Twitter is doing.

And I believe she’s going to get rich by just investing $1 a day! 

Bonus: Katie inspired me to create a special report with 8 stocks to buy with your $1 a day! So stay tuned. I’m working on it now.

Watch here and see why NOW is the perfect market to invest with just $1:


Amber Lancaster: How to get rich by investing one dollar a day? Yes, this is doable. Let me tell you why. The entire Bold Profits team was inspired by a tweet from Bold Profits reader, Katie. Katie wrote to Paul and asked,

“What do you think about dollar cost averaging in these market conditions? I’ve been buying $1 a day in eight different positions for two months or so and plan to continue until I reach my equal weight. Thoughts?”

Paul responded by saying, “Katie is going to get rich, folks, by investing $1 a day. This is how you start and keep going.” Paul will be joining me today to show you how buying low, buying slow, holding strong and selling high can potentially help build a healthy portfolio over time.

Hello, Paul. Thank you for joining me today on this interesting concept, which does work.


Start Investing With Just $1 A Day!

Paul Mampilly: I saw Katie’s tweet and I have to say the moment I saw it my brain lit up. How to get rich on $1 a day. So many people have no idea that you can start on $1. I have told the story how I started my first brokerage account with $250 when commissions were $30.

Today there are no commissions. You can start with $1 and they won’t wipe you out with commissions. You can go to Robinhood and CashApp and buy by dollar amount. That didn’t exist. Katie’s idea of buying $1 a day of eight different stocks, I thought this was brilliant.

What it does is get you into the market. That’s step one. In the end, you can’t win it unless you’re in it. You gotta be in. Step one, check. Second step, you know what we tell people. You should avoid this temptation to go all in on one stock.

What Katie is doing is buying into eight different stocks. Second check. It’s not an all-in bet on one stock. It’s not a get-rich-quick scenario. This is to get wealthy on $1 a day, every day. The other brilliant thing about this is it also avoids what most people do which is they go all in on one day.

They will say, “I can pick the bottom. I’m going to find the lowest tick and buy.” Instead, Katie has taken all the ego out of it. She’s taking all the emotional risk we feel, the underbelly of investing is emotions. By choosing a number like $1, as Katie put it, she’s never going to miss it.

Then she’s picked eight stocks. She’s taken her ego out of it. Instead of picking one stock, she’s gone for eight stocks understanding that not all stocks are going to work out. Some stocks are going to go up faster. Some are going to go up slower. Some will go up a lot, some not as much.

Once again, ego out of the equation.

Take The Ego Out Of Investing!

Finally, the biggest part of so many folk’s egos is wanting to get that perfect trade in. They want to call the bottom. They want the absolute low price. They want to tell everyone, “I nailed Palantir at the bottom. I nailed Teladoc at the bottom.”

However, the truth is all the greatest investors of all time had Katie’s view of the world. They bought low, they bought slow, they bought regularly and they held on knowing the big gains were going to come over time. If you are buying $1 a day, that’s where you are.

You are just buying for low and slow and big gains over time. We are going to do something for everyone out there. We are going to create a free report with eight stocks that you can implement. We’re going to call it the Katie Plan. I hope Katie doesn’t mind.

The Katie $1 plan to get rich investing. The Katie $1 a day get rich investing plan. I don’t know. We’ll work on the title. We’re going to put it together with eight stocks which we will give away. If you are interested in getting this report on how to get rich by investing $1 a day, there will be a link to our Bold Profits Daily free e-letter.

Subscribe to it. We will let you know when we have put this report together. We are putting the finishing touches on it. We will get it to you. We will announce it – don’t worry, we won’t keep it a secret – when we are done.

Really the bottom line is that Katie’s tweet inspired me to want to tell folks. You don’t need $1 million. You don’t need $100,000. You don’t need $10,000. You don’t even need $100. $1 a day, every day. Get rich. That’s what I’ve got. Thanks for having me on, Amber.

Amber: You’re welcome, Paul. Thank you for sharing this great concept that’s so applicable. We look forward to reading more about it in the report.

Paul: Thank you.

Amber: Well, you heard it here, folks. An exclusive scoop. Paul will be putting together a special report of eight America 2.0 stocks to buy today by investing $1 a day to help build wealth over time. To be the first to know when this report is ready, visit us at to sign up for our free e-letter.

Until then, make sure to follow Paul and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru and @ALancasterGuru on all things America 2.0 and current stock market conditions. Until then, take care.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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