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Future of Tesla: Get Ahead of Autonomous Vehicle Growth

Future of Tesla: Get Ahead of Autonomous Vehicle Growth

When you get behind the wheel, you’re joining about 1.4 billion drivers in the world.

Approximately 84% of all Americans have a driver’s license. And that number is growing with every new driver.

With more and more cars on the road, the more accidents we see every year … 1.35 million people are killed every year globally.

There’s an America 2.0 solution.

One that gained real traction and spotlight attention from our Bold Profits favorite: Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA).

Autonomous vehicles.

An autonomous driving vehicle can sense the environment and help navigate the vehicle safely with little or no human input.

One study estimated that autonomous vehicles could prevent one-third of all crashes.

Right now, this market is going … (you guessed it) … UP! And that’s a signal for us to buy.

Buy Signals for the Autonomous Vehicle Market

The global autonomous vehicle market was valued at $54 billion in 2019.

It is projected to reach over $2 trillion by 2030! Take a look:

autonomous vehicle global market chart

Autonomous driving vehicles implement our mega trends and tech such as artificial intelligence (AI), chips, cameras and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors.

That means these vehicles can provide the driver with:

  • 360-degree views.
  • Alarms that go off when approaching an object.
  • Breaks that are automatically applied when coming up on another vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Automatic takeover of the vehicle and the ability to safely stop when it suspects the driver is no longer in control.

It’s amazing! Almost like a robot on wheels!

Companies are still working on the technology to produce a vehicle that is 100% driver-less.

But the advantages will be life-changing.

For one, driver error can be a thing of the past, so fewer accidents. It would also open the road up for those impaired or otherwise unable to drive.

I, for one, can’t wait to take my hands off the wheel and do other things like reading or catching up on the news instead of driving. Let my car do all the work!

GoingUpness = Buy Time

In a technology driven era, time and money must be well spent.

Billions of dollars are pouring in to fund companies leading the way in autonomous driving. Why? Because they recognize the growth of this market.

It is clear that autonomous driving is the future.

We have our own way of determining when to invest. It’s Paul’s strategy for evaluating stocks with massive profit potential called GoingUpness.

GoingUpness includes six critical elements.

The essence of this system is simple. Most people want to see their stocks going up! We want that for you too.

Of course, not stock will go up in a straight line and not every stock will be a winner. That’s not how the market works.

But Paul and our team are always looking to invest in companies that are paving the future.Paul Mampilly's Goingupness book

And with GoingUpness as our guide, we can pinpoint ones that could be massive winners in your portfolio.

We put together a special infographic to break down the six elements of GoingUpness for you. You can open it and print it here.

The amount of money that is pouring into the technology and robotics for autonomous driving is proof that fully self-driving cars are just a few years away.

We are #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on autonomous driving!

We believe this is the way people will travel on the road in America 2.0.

One company you can buy to gain exposure to autonomous tech growth is Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA).

Tesla cars already come standard with hardware that makes self-driving possible. And they are constantly working on improving its functionality.

If you have Tesla shares already, you can use the Rules of the Game to add more to your equal-weighted portfolio.

We will continue to watch the market and recommend companies that are leading the charge for the Fourth Industrial Revolution — autonomous and all.


Clint Lee
Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Editor’s NoteFull autonomy is not the only thing Tesla has cooking. Obviously. This company can’t be stopped! Here’s another: 12 million miles. That’s how far Tesla’s battery could go thanks to a new energy upgrade. See the full details here and how to get the stock recommendation for this game-changing tech.

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