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Fractional Shares: Get Your Slice of Tesla for Less

Fractional Shares: Get Your Slice of Tesla for Less

Here’s something you may not know: You can profit from stocks you may think are beyond your reach — like Tesla.


It’s called fractional share trading.

With it, you can lock in enormous gains by starting small and building your position in even the biggest America 2.0 stocks.

One of our readers commented on Paul’s YouTube channel to ask us about this Main Street strategy.

So, we asked our all-star researcher extraordinaire, Amber, to help explain how you can benefit from fractional trading.

She hopped on and recorded this special video for Bold Profits Daily readers to let you know exactly how to take advantage of buying and selling fractional shares of our favorite mega stocks:

Keep reading for some opportunities from the team on how you can put fractional buying to use!

The Best of Bold Profits

Here’s what the team found for you this week:

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How Fractional Share Investing Works

A couple of weeks ago I received a great question on YouTube from a long-term Profits Unlimited subscriber named Ian.

Ian, like many of us, is a big Tesla fan!  Plus, he’s an active buyer of Tesla stock. What’s most notable is that he’s buying his Tesla stock in a relatively new way. He uses Fractional share investing.

TSLA Stock Chart July 2020

He wrote: “I have been [using the] fractional share strategy to consistently buy Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares. …I will continue to hold on to Tesla stock and reinvest. Please produce a video on how to sell some shares for a stock and not all of them.”

YouTube Sub comment - Fractional Share Investing

For those who may not know, the concept of Fractional share buying, or investing is not a new concept. In 1999 a website called BuyandHold introduced this strategy, but it was short-lived.

fractional share history

Fast forward to today, the sheer popularity of fractional share investing is disrupting the investment industry. Now beginner stock investors and main street stock investors can buy fractional shares in publicly traded stocks for cents on the dollar. Per Investopedia, quote “In November of 2019, Interactive Brokers became the first of the major online brokers to offer fractional shares trading. On January 29, 2020, Fidelity announced it will offer fractional shares trading of equities and exchange traded funds.”

Here’s how it works:

Fractional share investing is buying a portion of a stock or exchange traded fund (ETF) vs. buying a whole company share.

How do Fractional Shares work

For example, if a stock is trading at $1,739/share, instead of buying 1 whole share at that trading price, investors can now login into a participating fractional share brokerage app or website and buy a specific dollar amount instead. If an investor has a $100 to invest in the stock, they can buy $100 worth for a total fractional share of 0.057. They now own a piece of the company’s pie.

How do Fractional Shares work 2

When that investor is ready to sell those same shares, they can go through the same process, but select “sell” then enter the specified dollar amount of their choosing on their brokerage app or website.

How do Fractional Shares work 3

Today several major brokerages are getting in on the fractional share investing boom. Check out this comparison chart from Investopedia.

Fractional Share investing online brokers

As you can see brokerage like Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Robinhood have set-up platforms for everyday investors to get started trading fractional shares. Each brokerage has their own stipulations, so you’ll have to do your homework and see what works best for you and your investment style. Be mindful that these brokerages do require minimum purchase amounts ranging from 1 cent to $5.

But, if your like Profits Unlimited subscriber Ian and want to get in on a stock like Tesla’s, but don’t want to buy a whole share costing $1,500 or so … fractional share investing could be the answer for you.


Your Bold Profits Team

P.S. Be sure you tune in to Paul’s Bold Profits Daily on Tuesday. He has an exciting announcement to share with you!

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