Ian King has been warning us for the past year about the Federal Reserve’s plan for a digital dollar (aka: “Project Hamilton”).

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) stand to make the Fed’s job easier when it comes to issuing tax refunds and facilitating transactions.

But a digital dollar would also give the government more control over your finances.

It would be able to monitor all transactions in the central banking system. It could fund (or defund) your account at any time. And it could theoretically break the “zero lower bound,” creating negative interest rates.

On today’s episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast, Ian and I cover:

  • The bare basics (and the pros and cons) of CBDCs. [0:40, 2:40]
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis making headlines by preemptively outlawing a “digital dollar.” [1:40]
  • Why the Fed wants a digital dollar in the first place. [5:50]
  • The problem with over-regulating the banking system. [10:40]
  • Why cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin and Ethereum) offer a way to protect your money from CBDCs. [18:00]


Tune in to today’s episode below!

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