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Storytime: Why Finding The Right investment Guru is Vital To Grow Wealth

“Just let me not die today,” I prayed.

Scuba diving isn’t a dangerous activity. However, dive with the wrong person and you can end up in trouble, like I did.

In dive training, instructors tell you to swim against the current on the way out. That way you use the current to get back to the boat.

That day, my diving buddy broke the rule. There was a strong current. He was first in the water. And he swam with the current on the way out. I had no choice but to follow his lead.

Now we were out at sea with no idea where our boat was. Worse, he was running out of air.

I bobbed up and scanned all around. There wasn’t a thing in sight. No boat. No land. Just endless ocean and blue sky.

My heart sank. Would we be eaten by sharks? Would we drift to some piece of land and be saved?

When you dive, you must dive with another person — your dive buddy. You can either buddy up with the instructor or pick someone who is by themselves. However, the instructor dives with beginners and newbies. That’s not fun for someone like me who has been diving for years.

This time, picking a buddy who was clueless was a terrible choice.

In the end, we got out of our jam. We swam toward where my compass said our boat should be. And by incredible luck, the boat captain followed the current … and found us. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t found us?

Investing can be just as treacherous, particularly if you pick the wrong investing buddy to help guide you. A few wrong decisions, and you can find yourself bobbing in the middle of shark-infested waters without any hope of being saved.

Greedy Wall Street Will Sink You

Despite decades of regulation and oversight, Wall Street remains a greedy cutthroat environment. If you end up with the wrong guide, you could lose everything.

If you don’t know this already, you should understand this…

You can’t trust Wall Street because the analysts and asset managers are in it for themselves. They don’t care if you make money or lose it. All they care about is making their cut.

These people are not there to serve you. When you invest with them, they’ll benefit — and that’s the only thing you can be sure of.

I can tell you this because I worked on Wall Street. I’ve managed a $5 billion hedge fund and made millions of dollars for billionaires, elite families, corporations and foundations all over the world.

But the fact is, I never did fit in on Wall Street. I quickly grew tired of the corporate greed. Tired of the 16-hour workdays.

Most of all, I was tired of missing the time I wanted to spend with my children. So my family and I walked away when we knew we had plenty to live off. Today, I have the privilege of taking my kids to school and watching them compete.

Of course, I’m still an investor.

Investing has been ingrained in my mind since a child, when my father explained to me that it was the best way to get out of India’s rat race where few can escape the lower class.

Now I am excited to help Main Street Americans find ways to turn thousands into hundreds of thousands.

An Extraordinary Event in the Stock Market

The first step to helping investors get ahead of Wall Street is with Profits Unlimited. With this service, I act as your diving buddy to the hidden and dangerous world of Wall Street investing.

I use my 25 years of experience to bring you incredible investment opportunities.

With me, you know what you’re getting … a proven investment expert whose interests are 100% aligned with yours. If I don’t make money, you’ll fire me by not renewing your subscription.

In this month’s issue, I’ve told subscribers about an extraordinary event that’s happening right now in the stock market. It’s a stock corner that has formed because three separate groups — including one well-known billionaire investor — have locked up the supply of stock.

Very soon, if you want to buy the stock, you’ll have to pay sky-high prices for it. That’s great if you own the stock already. It’s terrible if you don’t. It’s an incredible opportunity that could generate gains of at least 300%.

In fairness to my subscribers, I can’t give the name of the stock to you here for free. However, you can read this month’s issue at no risk to you.

But don’t wait too long. The stock corner I’ve laid out in this month’s Profits Unlimited is fully formed, and this stock is poised to soar. Once word gets out, it’ll be too late, and you’ll have missed out.


Paul Mampilly
Editor, Profits Unlimited

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