How will you alert us about your forecasts and trades?

Jeff will make sure to reach out to you every week, either with an update on your portfolio, a trade alert or a weather nugget. Every season, Chris also releases his quarterly forecast, which he and Jeff use to dictate their stock picks. And occasionally, when something particularly unique is stirring up in the atmosphere, Chris will send you a weather update.

Either way, you’ll always be updated on what’s happening with our recommendations and how the weather will affect them. But make sure to keep an eye on your inbox. When we send a trade alert, it’s important to move on the trade as soon as you’re able. But we understand that sometimes a trade will move quickly, and the price will change from the time we send the alert to the time you receive it.

That’s why Jeff is always sure to include a limit order price in his recommendations, which sets the maximum you are willing to pay for the option contract. That way, you have some room for your orders to execute.