How do you forecast the events that will impact your list of stocks?

Assembling a seasonal forecast is like putting together a global puzzle.

The pieces include ocean currents and the jet-stream pattern, among others. And there are ocean temperatures to watch, which, to our in-house meteorologist Chris Orr, are most important because they influence the jet stream.

He finds the first piece of the puzzle by using the Hovmöller diagram — a way of plotting meteorological data — to track a trend in the jet-stream wind flow. It gives him an idea of what the jet stream will cause on a large scale, anything from strong storm systems and periods of fair weather to cold snaps and heat waves.

And then he moves on from there, assembling that puzzle.

Together, Chris and Jeff have narrowed down a list of about 50 stocks that have a history of strong seasonal trends. By using Chris’ forecasts, which he sometimes makes up to half a year in advance, we know how a stock will likely react, and how we will profit. And that’s when we’ll send you an alert.