Can you send trade recommendations after the market closes or before the market opens?

We don’t put out recommendations before the market opens or after it closes. Options are way too volatile for that. And the overnight spreads — the difference between bid and ask price — can be enormously wide, giving us a horrible indication of the market.

If we put out a recommendation overnight, news could occur after hours or before the market opens that radically shifts the value of the options up or down, and then we may have investors putting in wrong orders and potentially getting filled at bad prices.

So we don’t price options before or after market hours.

We do have a text-alert service — it’s free — that lets you know when a new recommendation has been sent. If you haven’t signed up for that and have a U.S. carrier, I encourage you to do so. You will know instantly when our alerts are released. Once you’ve clicked “submit,” just remember to check your phone for the final step. We immediately text you directions to get your confirmation.