Model Portfolio

Note: Please refer to the buyzone for pricing guidance. You can buy the stock even if it’s above its range. The buyzone is a guide only. If a position doesn’t have a “Close Price”, the position is still open.


Buy-up-to prices: As a general rule, the maximum buy-up-to prices for any stock we are telling you to buy is 10% to 15% higher from the day we publish the report.

Share sizes: Also, buy in small slugs. For example, if you want to buy 1,000 shares of a stock, buy it in four or five installments. That way, you get a mix of prices. Take advantage of down days in the stock market when market makers are jamming prices down to buy your biggest slugs.

You’ll find that when you build your position in this way, you’ll be in control of your buying behavior because you’re starting small and building up. Now, if the stock goes down a bit after you buy, it will be as an opportunity rather than a source of worry.

To find out more, please see the trading manual by clicking here.