Profits Unlimited: A Wall Street Insider Reveals the Secret to Life-Changing Wealth

For me, this book really started when I had my first encounter with the investing world — watching my father.

The investments he made when we lived in India are still paying off today.

Ever since, I haven’t been able to shake the whole concept of “investing.” I read everything I could get my hands on. My journey from India and everything I learned from my father set me on a path.

I started investing with every dollar I had … which wasn’t much at the time. I didn’t buy safe names. At one point I think every stock I owned was down at least 50%. But I couldn’t buy fast enough.

I saw something that no one else did.

And my analysis and research paid off. Stocks started to go up in a big way. And I made some of my best trades — locking in phenomenal gains.

Eventually, I landed on Wall Street. I managed millions of dollars and still found a way to make money in some of the economy’s darkest times.

But I quickly realized that making money for the Wall Street elite was not for me.

Today I have a new mission … a mission to help 1,000 Americans reach millionaire status.

To do that, I knew I had to be bold. I take calculated risks and when the payoff is big enough, I get in big.

The truth is: You don’t need Wall Street to make money in the stock market.

In this book, I give you a look at my No. 1 investment secret that you can use no matter how much money you have to start.

It’s the same secret I used to grow my hedge fund by 500% in just five years.

I also tell you how you can make the biggest gains by buying stocks associated with the great Bold Profits mega trends of our time: the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, precision medicine, new energy and millennials.

The strategy I lay out in the Profits Unlimited book will help Main Street Americans pay off their debts, retire comfortably, travel the world and much more — all with simple investment tactics.

First, I tell you how I made it to Wall Street from my humble beginnings and what I learned (the good, the bad and everything in between) that I still use today.

Then, I detail my GoingUpness investing strategy and the key to picking stocks with true momentum.

Finally, I reveal the seven big mega trends that could make you a millionaire in as little as three to five years.

So let’s get started! I believe this is the best financial decision you’ll ever make.

You can purchase my book HERE, today!



Editor, Profits Unlimited