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Patrick Goodrich

Patrick GoodrichInvestment Research Analyst Bold Profits Publishing

Patrick Goodrich is an investment analyst for Bold Profits Publishing, working at our Baltimore office. After graduating with an economics degree from the University of Maryland, he honed his financial skills working at two investment banks, The McLean Group and Morgan Stanley.

After joining Paul Mampilly’s team in 2019, Patrick took on a key role for the Bold Profits team. His analytical skills and keen eye for stocks has provided ample support to Paul and the rest of his analysts, in order to execute to the best of our abilities on premium services — such as Profits Unlimited, IPO Speculator, Extreme Fortunes and others.

Patrick Goodrich Articles

Dow Dogs vs. Small Caps: Strategy for 1,000% - There’s an America 2.0 small-cap bull market that’s in full force. And ultimately, this could lead to the new Dow’s surge to 100K.
Dump Old World Stocks, Buy Into New America 2.0 Players - The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is due for an America 2.0 makeover. The index is the oldest indices in the U.S. — dating back to 1896 — and its average annual return from its start to 2018 is a meager 5.4%. Last year, the Dow posted a 9.6% dividend reinvested gain, which less than […]
Blockchain Buy for Bitcoin-Dow Race to 100K - One catalyst can spark a domino effect for our Dow 100K prediction. It’s a technology fueling bitcoin. Here’s how you can buy in today.
Unicorn IPO Opportunity + Bitcoin to Dow 100K - Three 2021 predictions for you — Unicorn IPOs, bitcoin and Dow 100K. And how you can start investing today.
No. 1 Black Friday Deal for America 2.0 - This new America 2.0 purchasing behavior will help push the Dow to 100,000.
Prediction Buy: 3D Printing in Dow 100K - You can reap massive gains from 3D printing’s rapid 643% growth before it hits the Dow this decade helping push it to 100K!
850% Bitcoin Jump + Dow 100K by 2021 - Get your free report! We’re going to tell you how to spot the stocks to buy for Dow 100K and three Blacklist stocks to sell.
Bitcoin: No. 1 In Race to 100K? - [NEW 2021 prediction] The Dow and bitcoin race to 100K is heating up — don’t miss a 995% return and three steps to take for America 2.0 profits.
Bye Exxon — Dow 100K Here We Come!
September 3, 2020 Bold Profits Daily, Investing, Stocks
- Did you see the big Dow 100K shake-up — three stocks in and three out? Here’s how to set up your portfolio for the young new 1000%-gainers in America 2.0.
Beat the Market 3-to-1 by Breaking the “Wall of Worry” - Don’t let the fear keep you from profiting from the Dow reaching our six-figure goal line!

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I am up $20,070 in closed positions from Feb. 18 through March 7.

- Bob Rowe

I just found the Sovereign Investor Daily website today...I must have read everything on there. Thank you so much. I thought I was the only one.

- Mary G.

I have made a little over $4,000 while being cautious.

- Chuck Goss