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Nick Tate

Nick TateNick Tate Senior Editorial Manager for Bold Profits Daily, Profits Unlimited and Paul Mampilly’s other premium trading publications.

Nick Tate is the senior editorial manager for Bold Profits Daily, Profits Unlimited and Paul Mampilly’s other premium trading publications.

As a best-selling author, seasoned journalist and TV commentator specializing in health care, finance and biotech, Nick is all about big ideas and innovations — always keeping his followers informed on the next big thing.

His work has appeared in The Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, South Florida Business Journal, Newsmax Magazine, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Boston Herald, and on Newsmax TV and the Al Jazeera network.

His top-selling book, the ObamaCare Survival Guide, was on the Publishers Weekly and The New York Times best-sellers lists for 22 weeks — reaching No. 1 on The Times list for paperback advice books.

Tate also co-authored DaVinci’s Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive in Your Retirement. And he published two other books — the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing and The Sick Building Syndrome — following a year-long journalism fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Tate’s three-decades-long commitment to keeping the public well-informed is why Banyan Hill Publishing recruited him in 2018 to join Paul Mampilly’s team. You can now read Nick’s weekly analysis in Bold Profits Daily as he guides over 130,000 readers on the best ways to grow their wealth.

Nick Tate's Articles

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1 Sell Before $3.6 Trillion Precision Medicine Disruption - Here’s one old-world medicine sell and one precision medicine buy for your 2021 portfolio … before our nation’s $3.6 trillion health care disruption.
2021 Precision Medicine Plays for $1.5 Trillion Disruption - “Smart” pills are on track to disrupt the $1.5 trillion global drug market. Here’s how to leverage the America 2.0 precision medicine mega trend for mega profits.
Precision Medicine Alert: 2 Plays for 175% Growth - Investing in one precision medicine treatment (or the HUGE market) can lead you to the next medical fortune — like the early investors of the human genome, penicillin or any vaccine.
3D-Printing Stocks: Biggest Opportunity of the Year - 3D printing is skyrocketing! Now it’s remaking hospitals. Here are the top stocks to buy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution upgrade.
10X Your Pink DNA Dollars with 1 Catalyst - A new “targeted therapy” treatment — a catalyst for its stock — is a great move for the $217 billion precision medicine market.
America 2.0 RX: Double Buy for 3D-Printed Bones - 3D printing + precision medicine = a game-changing solution for broken bones and big profits for you. Here are the two top buys (plus a bonus) just for you.
Bold Profits Buy for $51 Billion Era of New Medicine - Buy this ETF to profit from the world’s first “liquid biopsy” DNA blood test to diagnose cancer. And find out how to position yourself precisely ahead of the biggest winners in the Main Street bull market.

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I started your system in December … I am ahead $29,000 … I put total faith in you and your system and it has worked for me very nicely. Thanks again I sure like your humble approach about this whole thing

- Dale Leiffer

Thanks for all you do, great information.

- Frank F.

I just found the Sovereign Investor Daily website today...I must have read everything on there. Thank you so much. I thought I was the only one.

- Mary G.