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Matt Badiali

Matt BadialiMatt BadialiEditor of Real Wealth Strategist, Apex Profit Alert and Front Line Profits

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Matt Badiali has a hands-on, go-anywhere, talk-to-everyone approach to his investment prospects and research. His work has taken him to Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and many other locations around the world. He’s visited countless mines and oil wells the world over, interrogated CEOs about their latest resource prospects and analyzed all manner of geologic data.

He’s found that you don’t really know what’s going on unless you see it for yourself. That goes for everything from local politics to company results. The best way to be sure an investment is safe (and correctly made) is to see it in person.

And Matt’s training as a geologist has enabled him to identify certain red flags that are best seen on the ground. For example, he likes to check on how skilled the drilling crews are — how long it takes them to drill a hole. Or how smooth the operation runs … in small companies, drilling often makes up the largest expense. Watching the drillers can tell a lot about the health and potential of a company.

For the last decade-plus, Matt has married his knowledge gained as a geologist with his training as an investor to uncover great profits. He is the editor of three premium services at Banyan Hill: Real Wealth Strategist, Front Line Profits and Apex Profit Alert.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Matt was a geologist for a drilling company and a consultant to an environmental company.

Matt has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Matt's Articles

Chevron Corporation Buys Anadarko in $33 Billion Cash and Stock Deal April 22, 2019 Oil, Winning Investor Daily - On April 11, 2019, major oil company Chevron announced a big takeover. Matt Badiali discusses the acquisition, how it compares to past deals and the huge potential for Chevron.
For Big Gains in Gold, Stay Out of the U.S. — Invest in These Countries April 15, 2019 Gold, Winning Investor Daily - While gold stocks haven’t seen much movement in the U.S., there is a raging bull market in this yellow metal in other countries. Matt Badiali shares with you where you should be looking if you want to invest in this resource.
COW ETF Is Up 13% in 6 Months as China Imports 81% More Lean Hogs April 8, 2019 Commodities, Investment Opportunities, Soft Commodities, Winning Investor Daily - China announced earlier in the month that it may increase its pork imports from the U.S. This should drive the price of hogs much higher. Matt Badiali suggests an exchange-traded fund that you should invest in, if you haven’t already!
gold bull Gold’s in a Bull Market — 3 Reasons Gold Prices Will Rise March 25, 2019 Gold, Investment Opportunities, Winning Investor Daily - A critical sign shows that gold is in a new bull market. But it’s still early. Matt Badiali explains what will make this market grow — and how you can profit.
Barrick Gold/Newmont Mining Merger Fell Apart — But New Joint Venture Looks Even Better March 18, 2019 Gold, Winning Investor Daily - The Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining merger fell through, but the newly proposed Nevada joint venture looks attractive. Matt Badiali explains why it’s important to be patient and allow things to settle before buying into either company.
Avoid Investing in Barrick Gold or Newmont Mining Right Now March 11, 2019 Gold, Winning Investor Daily - Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining are making headlines because of their proposed merger. This isn’t the first time. And history tells us we should stay away right now.
3 Catalysts That Will Raise Fertilizer Prices in 2019 March 4, 2019 Commodities, Investment Opportunities, Winning Investor Daily - Fertilizer prices took a beating at the end of 2018. But there are three catalysts driving prices in 2019. That means we should see a solid return on those stocks. Matt Badiali recommends an easy way to play this uptrend.
Oil Prices Are Rising — Buy Into VanEck Vectors and Alerian ETFs February 25, 2019 Oil, Winning Investor Daily - Matt Badiali recommended these two plays on oil in the past two months, and they are making money right now. Don’t worry if you missed them. With oil prices moving up, you have time to get in now and continue to ride the trend higher.
Natural Gas Will Skyrocket in the Coming Weeks February 18, 2019 Commodities, Winning Investor Daily - The natural gas price soured and then lost nearly half its value over just four months. This is exactly what we like to see in a commodity price. There are a few ways to play the coming rise in natural gas, and Matt Badiali can tell you how.
Trump’s Tariffs Mean Higher Home Prices and Big Gains in Lumber February 11, 2019 Investment Opportunities, Winning Investor Daily - Tariffs do funny things to markets. 2018 saw a volatile lumber market where prices rose and crashed in just two years. But the lumber and homebuilding sectors are making a comeback. This creates an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Matt's Advisory Services

  • Real Wealth Strategist

    Join experienced geologist and successful investor Matt Badiali on a journey into the world of natural resource investing — a place where speculators can make triple- and quadruple-digit gains in months. He’s figured out the secret to riding the booms and dodging the busts within the sector, and he’s ready to be your guide to real wealth.

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  • Front Line Profits

    In Front Line Profits, Matt Badiali will recommend small-cap natural resource stocks that are set to skyrocket. These are the same kinds of investments that helped grow his parents’ wealth — and they will help grow yours too. After all, these stocks have the potential to jump 1,000% or more in no time at all...

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