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John Ross

John RossJohn RossEditor, Apex Profit Alert

John Ross (aka J.R.) has helped tens of thousands of independent investors navigate the market.

He’s crafted a method that lets traders protect and grow their money. He refined it over 12 years of studying global macroeconomics, pattern analysis and investor behavior. His trading style exploits opportunities created by emotions like fear and greed.

Beginning in 2006, J.R. led a select group of traders to tremendous gains during gold’s bull market. He helped his readers escape the crude oil market before it imploded in 2014. And then, in March 2016, he directed his readers to load up on energy stocks when crude oil bottomed at $30. He and Matt Badiali are the co-editors of Apex Profit Alert, a service that helps readers capitalize on moves up — or down — in the market.

J.R.’s well on his way to reaching his latest goal — to become a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). He’ll be in the company of the world’s top practitioners of technical analysis.

He earned a degree in finance from Florida State University, where he fell in love with the woman he married. He and his wife have five children.

He joined Banyan Hill in 2018, where his reputation as a great analyst and stock picker preceded him. He contributes to Winning Investor Daily and is working with Matt Badiali to help independent investors make money in natural resources.

John's Articles

3 Questions About Oil Prices After Drone Attacks in Saudi Arabia September 18, 2019 Economy, Global Economy, Investing, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - On September 14, two armed drones struck two oil installations inside Saudi Arabia. The attack caused oil prices to jump 14%, as well as growing uncertainty in the stock market. John Ross talks about what this means for oil prices in the U.S. You can still profit amidst the fear and volatility in the stock market. (4-minute read)
This Market Foreshadows a Recession — What You Need to Know September 11, 2019 Economy, Global Economy, Investing, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - The global economy seems more susceptible to a recession with each passing day. John Ross is tracking one obscure market that is flashing a warning about the economy. On Saturday, he’ll reveal how you can be prepared to profit even during a recession. (3-minute read)
S&P 500 Index Price Chart says its time to buy S&P 500 Index Price Chart Declines, but Rate Cut Will Boost Stocks September 4, 2019 Cannabis, Investing, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - The S&P 500 has been especially volatile since early August. But John Ross knows that the fear in the market is premature. Stocks are right where we want them. He explains why they’ll climb higher in the coming months. (2-minute read)
Natural Gas Stocks Will Rebound: Your Opportunity for Massive Gains August 28, 2019 Investing, Investment Opportunities, Natural Resource Options Alert, Natural Resources, Winning Investor Daily - Natural gas is at extreme lows. Money managers are more bearish on this natural resource than they were back in 2017. But John Ross knows prices won’t stay low for long, and he sees this as an opportunity to make big money when natural gas prices rebound. (3-minute read)
recession indicator for massive returns Profit From Rate Cuts: 33% Future Gain in Materials Sector August 21, 2019 Economy, Investment Opportunities, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - Many investors think last week’s yield curve inversion signals an imminent recession. But there’s a better and more accurate recession indicator. John Ross explains why it shows the stock market is set for big gains right now. (4-minute read)
Fed Rate Cuts Make a Winner out of This Crude Oil ETF August 14, 2019 Investment Opportunities, Natural Resources, Oil, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - Two weeks ago, the Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate cut. History shows that when the Fed cuts rates, the energy sector outperforms expectations. John Ross talks about the lucrative possibilities in the crude oil sector. He also shares an easy way you can enjoy the rebound in oil prices. (3-minute read)
China's Yuan Manipulation Don’t Fear China’s Yuan “Manipulation”: Buy Into Safe, Double-Digit Gains August 7, 2019 Economy, Investing, Investment Opportunities, U.S. Economy, Winning Investor Daily - On August 1, President Trump announced on Twitter an extra 10% tariff on Chinese goods. China retaliated by allowing a devaluation of its currency, the yuan. While many investors fear this turn of events, John Ross sees profitable possibilities. He shares a way for you to take advantage of the trade war and a weaker yuan. (3-minute read)
Massive Gains in 6 Days: Options Trading Magnifies Your Returns July 24, 2019 Income, Investing, Winning Investor Daily - The price of silver is up by 9%. But John Ross and Matt Badiali guided elite Banyan Hill members to 70% gains using their revolutionary system, “Buy on Black.” John shares exclusive insight on how this system outperforms simple stock gains. (2-minute read)
Copper Is the New Black: “Buy on Black!” for Profits July 17, 2019 Investment Opportunities, Natural Resources, Trading Strategies, Winning Investor Daily - Simple stock trading can generate gains to keep you content. But there’s a way you can beat the sporadic single- or double-digit gains. John Ross and his team have developed a system that’s proven to yield double- and triple-digit gains over and over again. And he’s sharing it with you today. (2-minute read)
A Simple Strategy to Magnify Your Gains on Pot Stocks July 10, 2019 Cannabis, Investing, Natural Resource Investor, Natural Resource Options Alert, Natural Resources, Winning Investor Daily - While the cannabis industry is rapidly growing, shares are down. John Ross sees the decline as an opportunity to double and triple your gains. He shares with you a strategy that has proven to yield high returns. (3-minute read)



I am up $20,070 in closed positions from Feb. 18 through March 7.

- Bob Rowe

I started your system in December … I am ahead $29,000 … I put total faith in you and your system and it has worked for me very nicely. Thanks again I sure like your humble approach about this whole thing

- Dale Leiffer

I have made a little over $4,000 while being cautious.

- Chuck Goss