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Bryan Klindworth

Bryan KlindworthBryan KlindworthSenior Analyst for Trade Kings

Bryan Klindworth has a B.A. in economics and a background in education. He also specializes in the developing field of mechanical trading and automated trading strategies.

After participating in one of Andrew Keene’s online trade rooms, Bryan wrote to Andrew and asked if he could take part in them. He started learning from Andrew’s unique approach to the markets, and as his trading account grew and grew, Andrew eventually asked Bryan to step in as a coach for his online trade room participants.

Subscribers can hear from Bryan five days a week in Andrew Keene’s Trade Kings, Monday through Friday between 12-1pm ET, and again from 3-4pm ET.

Bryan Klindworth's Articles

Hedge Like a Pro - With markets so uncertain, and so bearish as they’ve been lately, it’s imperative that traders know how to hedge their long positions with short positions. Shorting stocks, however, is risky. You expose yourself to unlimited risk and limited gain. On top of that, you generally need a lot of capital to short stocks in the first place. But with options, you can gain short exposure with limited risk…

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- James

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