In a world where big banks dominate and collect all the riches leaving everyday people in the dust… Somebody is finally leveling the playing field.

Paul , a former Wall Street analyst and hedge fund manager, has just released a brand-new book, Profits Unlimited — A Wall Street Insider Reveals the Secret to Life-Changing Wealth.

It’s available right now.

Inside his first ever book, he reveals the simple investment secret he used to help grow his former hedge fund from $1 billion to $6 billion in assets in under five years. That’s 500% growth compared to the industry average of 10.4% a year.

This prompted Barron’s to call his hedge fund among the “world’s best.” And Kiplinger to rank it in the top 1% worldwide.

This secret also allowed Paul to bank an impressive list of winners in his personal trading account including 355% on Exact Sciences … 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals … and 2,539% on Sarepta Therapeutics among many others.

According to Paul: “The reason you’ll never hear about this is because Wall Street doesn’t want you to know. This is how insiders make their money. And if you knew this one secret you’d be invading their turf.”

And this is just one of many controversial and even shocking statements Paul steps forward with. You’ll also discover:

The sordid truth about how money managers treat your money. Once you see this, you may think twice about turning over your hard-earned money to these hucksters… Page 12.

The No. 1 sign the markets are overvalued, and it’s time to SELL. A surprising number of people miss this and end up losing money as markets tumble… Page 15.

How CEOs of publicly traded companies hoodwink investors. Luckily, you can sidestep this trap once you know what it is… Page 16.

The No. 1 mistake investors make when evaluating a stock. It caused many folks to miss out on the big gains from Google and Amazon. You don’t have to miss out this next time around… Page 32.

Real estate is the best way to build wealth, right? Wrong! You’ll see the one type of investment that crushes all others. You must know about it if you ever hope to achieve financial independence… Page 35.

Dow 50,000 — The two factors that prove this bull market is just beginning. The last time this happened exceptional gains of 45,000% … and 60,000% were up for grabs (no joke). Paul has studied the history of markets, and he’s staking his credibility and reputation on this call… Page 38.

Five rules every investor should follow. It doesn’t matter if you have $1,000 or $1 million in your brokerage account. These rules can make you richer and help you sleep more soundly in times of turmoil… Page 62.

You’ve heard of FANG stocks … but have you heard of STUF? These four stocks promise to be the dominant players in the coming months and years thanks to an emerging mega trend… Page 112.

Plus, many more money-making tips, tricks and strategies that you can only get from a former Wall Street insider.

Paul has been called crazy, contrarian and nonconformist among many other things. All because of his strategies. But nobody can dispute his track record. And his Profits Unlimited book is finally revealing the method to his madness.

The release of his first ever book has been highly anticipated. Those who follow Paul on social media have been pleading with him to write it — and it’s slated to become an instant bestseller.

Click here to get your copy of Profits Unlimited today.



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