With the stock market’s recent volatility, many American investors are starting to panic – frightened that the bull market is coming to an end.

That’s why I recently sat down with Washington, D.C. insider and former U.S. Congressman Robert E. Bauman.

Mr. Bauman is a distinguished attorney and best-selling author who has met and worked closely with Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, to name a few.

He’s also co-founder of a financial research group that accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis, the dot-com crash, the recession of the early-1990s and the 1987 crash.

Today, he’s come out of retirement to make the most controversial prediction in his 50-year career.

And he uses some extremely convincing evidence (which includes a home in the suburbs) to prove his case.

Fair warning, his style is also a bit unorthodox:

  • He shows you seven indisputable charts (the fifth one will shock you).
  • He tells you the hidden story behind a $5.1 trillion financial time-bomb Wall Street and Washington, D.C. have kept hidden from the American public.
  • And he even uses a $5 bill to prove the stock market is in a very dangerous place right now.

I urge you to hear him out and listen to his reasoning about the titanic event that he believes is just months away.

And although our future may seem bleak, as Bauman says: “There is no need to fall victim to the future. If you are on the right side of what’s ahead, you could seize opportunities that come along once, maybe twice, in a lifetime.”

Perhaps most importantly, in this new video presentation, Bauman reveals what he and his family are doing to prepare right now. (It’s unconventional and even controversial, but proven to work.)

While Bauman intended to share his ideas with a private audience only, he’s agreed to show the public at large. And now tens of thousands are downloading the video every day.

With his permission, I reposted the video on a private website. Click here to watch it now.