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Everyone wants to know: What exactly is the Next Gen Coin crypto expert Ian King refers to in this interview?

Those of you who have seen the interview, thank you for watching.  I hope you got as much out of it as I did.

It was amazing to see that the cryptocurrency market really is in its infancy, and only worth $2 trillion right now.  Yet the global financial markets are worth a whopping $100 trillion.

To put that in perspective…

But the real kicker is, that experts are saying this Next Gen Coin has the ability to power the rails of global finance … this $100 trillion industry.

Mark Cuban proclaimed this Next Gen Coin “will dwarf bitcoin.” It’s no wonder experts predict the Next Gen Coin will be 20X bigger than bitcoin.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin said it’s “superior to bitcoin and will eventually replace it.”

And Elon Musk made sure it was one of the only three coins he owns.

So, what exactly is this coin?

The cryptocurrency Ian King calls the Next Gen Coin, is the 2.0 version of Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin was the early crypto mover. It is the 1.0 version of crypto. Yes, it may still have some room to go up, make no doubt … the better bet is the Next Gen Coin, the 2.0 version.

The smart money is already investing, the big money is starting to follow … along with everyone else. You’ll want to invest soon.

This Next Gen Coin, the crypto that experts say has the ability to power the rails of global finance is, Ethereum (ETH).

Now, during this interview, you may recall, Ian mentioned 3 more coins … each with 100X potential.

These are smaller coins, each with massive potential. He calls these, the Google of Crypto, the Amazon of Crypto and Meta Coin.

For more details on this all of these coins, click here now





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