Tech investors should be worried.

With the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice starting to divvy up antitrust enforcement against tech giants, it proves that they are serious about cutting these companies down to size.

If you’re holding shares of any of the big tech giants, it’s important you diversify immediately. You don’t want to be holding onto these stocks if things don’t go their way.

Just look at what happened to Xerox after its run-in with government antitrust regulators in 1973:

History shows the shares of companies that fall under intense antitrust scrutiny don’t hold up well over time.

It happened to Microsoft in 1999.

A federal judge ruled that the company held monopoly power. A month later, the stock’s price crested — and didn’t revisit those highs for another decade.

The End of Microsoft’s Monopoly

Bottom line: Investing in small, innovative companies – not at risk of being broken up – is where shareholders will get the most bang for their buck in the years ahead.

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