If you can spot opportunities, long before the mainstream gets a hold of them, you can make a fortune that sets you up for a dream retirement. One filled with vacation homes, travel to exotic destinations and golf club memberships.

Case in point…

In 1998, Google released their new search algorithm. At the time, nobody really understood the significance of their breakthrough – let alone how big the company would become.

But those who did, and invested in their initial public offering in 2004, saw gains as high as 2,356%.

In other words, every $10,000 invested turned into $216,600.

Or look at Netflix. In 2007, they announced streaming video and the world couldn’t grasp why it was such a big deal. Now, people binge watch multiple seasons of TV shows like it’s their business.

And if you had invested at the very first announcement of streaming video, you could’ve made a whopping 7,607%.

Good enough to transform $10,000 into $770,700.

Today, you could have an opportunity of this magnitude in front you.

Of course, no one can guarantee gains as high as the ones seen from Google and Netflix, those are rare and exceptional examples.

But even if the opportunity is only a fraction as good … the result could still be life-changing.

Charles Mizrahi has just released a presentation detailing what could be the most disruptive company of our time.

And what’s even more interesting is that it all starts with the technology behind ¬†boats like this right here…

In case you aren’t familiar, Charles is a retired money manager whose former clients includes behemoths like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Credit Suisse. They trusted him to manage their money for one simple reason: He has the uncanny ability to spot money-making opportunities from a hundred miles away.

That’s how he once managed to post a 113% return in a single year – and 313% over a three-year period.

This earned him the title of No. 1 money manager by Barron’s. And got him a spot on MarketWatch’s 10 Best Advisors.

Bottom line: When Charles talks about money-making opportunities, it’s in your best interest to pay attention. Go here now to see how to get details on his next game-changing recommendation.