What the Chip Shortage Really Means for “Traditional” Stocks


President Biden just met with executives from 19 major companies…

To address a huge problem facing automakers:

A massive shortage of computer chips.

The shortage is forcing production line shutdowns around the globe…

General Motors … Ford … Toyota … Nissan … Honda … Mitsubishi … and Volkswagen — all stopped production because of the chip shortage.

That’s why the Biden White House has issued a statement making the semiconductor shortage a “top and immediate priority.”

But Wall Street legend Ian King says there’s a bigger story hiding behind the headlines.

King is the former hedge fund trader who famously predicted the 2008 crash … and led his fund to its best annual gain of  261% — during one of the market’s worst years ever.

And in his controversial new video presentation…

He says there’s every reason to believe that what we’re actually witnessing now is the end of the “traditional” stock market, as we know it…

And the beginning of a new one … with potentially bigger profit opportunities up for grabs.

“I see the biggest gains in the months and years ahead coming from what I call the New Stock Market …  the market for the future.”

And in his special video presentation … he not only shares where these “new market opportunities” are hiding…

He’s revealing the details on his No. 1 stock pick for 2021.

Look at King’s track record, and you’ll see that his top picks have performed exceptionally well.

In 2019, his top stock pick — Tesla — made as much as 735% in just over a year.

In 2020, King’s No. 1 stock pick was SunPower.

Just seven months after he first made that pick…

He recommended selling half that position for a 780% gain (and the second half is still climbing).

And now, King says this top stock for 2021 could do even better.

Of course, not all his picks are winners. That goes without saying…

Yet over the past 21 months — he’s closed eight out of nine winners.

And six of those — like Tesla and SunPower — were for triple-digit gains.

See the details on his newest No. 1 stock pick here.



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