This 111 Year Old Calendar Predicted the “Trump Trade”

On November 9 – while the world practiced saying “President Trump” – a handful of ordinary folks had the chance to quietly scoop up shares of a little-known real estate company.

A few weeks later, they saw a crisp 65% gain … sextupling the returns of the stock market.

It became known as the “Trump trade.”

Ironically, the “Trump trade” had nothing to do with  the president-elect, and as for the handful of ordinary folks … they simply had access to a strange 111-year-old calendar and the guy who found it.

And the Trump trade is just the start. Since August, these ordinary folks have has the chance to make gains on 11 other trades … pulling in profits of 18%, 25%, and 50% in as little as 20 days.

This group is raving about the calendar and how an advanced version is making them rich. Morgan Presley bragged that he made “a gain of more than 92%. Amazing!” James Rothschild said, “Since inception … I have a return of $3,002.” And Gary Ford wrote: “On the             trade, I locked in a 44.2% profit in 49 days.”

Here’s the breaking news … the man who originally discovered this calendar just recorded a shocking new video showing how it could help you make as much as $1.2 million. All it takes, according to him, is a few simple trades every month.

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