We know the supply chain is broken. And the conflict in Eastern Europe has made that even more obvious. 

But there’s a manufacturing solution right in America’s heartland.

It’s been compared to Henry Ford’s innovation of the assembly line, and it could bring a brand-new era of prosperity for America’s middle class.  

It could be the future of American manufacturing and lead to less dependence on global supply chains.  

The world’s richest men — including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson — are already on board. They’ve invested huge sums to open factories in small-town America using this innovative technology.  

Paul has been following the industry closely for years. And he says this new technology is powering a potential $100 trillion mega-boom.  

He believes the recent geopolitical turmoil could accelerate the shift to this innovative technology.  

And now is the time to back the companies set to reap the biggest rewards from this disruption.  

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