Gasoline isn’t immune to the supply-chain issues that have plagued almost every commodity you can think of over the past 20 months.

In the U.K., people have been panic-buying petroleum, causing shortages. In some cases, pumps have run dry.

And in the U.S., gas prices are on a tear.

Some investors wanting to take advantage of rising oil prices will buy stocks like Exxon Mobil or Chevron.

But they’re missing out on a much better opportunity.

So says Charles Mizrahi, a 40-year veteran of Wall Street. He’s the only investor to be named the No. 1 market timer 7 years in a row and to be crowned the No. 1 trader by Barron’s.

He says the best opportunity lies in the electric vehicle market. Not EV makers like Tesla, GM or Ford, but rather, a secretive startup that has finally cracked the battery code.

He predicts this new battery technology is going to trigger a 1,500% surge in EV sales in the next 4 years.

Forever BatteryIt is about the size of a pack of cards … and is expected to bring the price of EVs down to match gas-powered cars, by next year.What’s more, this battery technology takes just 15 minute to charge … and could soon power EVs for 1,000 miles on a single charge.

Mr. Mizrahi says this breakthrough sets up an investment opportunity unlike anything we’ve seen before … and bigger than anything we may see again in our lifetime.

The situation is developing at warp speed, so the window of opportunity to make maximum profits may slam shut at any time.

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