Great news for Americans!

If you’ve been wondering: “When do I need to file taxes?” You’ve still got time. President Trump has moved the deadline to July 15. Which gives you an extended opportunity to maximize your taxes.

The fact is, revisions to the tax code have implications for almost everyone. And for anyone not paying attention, those implications could cost them … big time.

There’s the capital gains trap…

Simple last-minute deductions most people could be making, but probably aren’t…

The 50% penalty Americans could get hit with if they don’t know any better…

And more.

It’s critical to figure what impact these changes will have now. Otherwise you may end up underpaying this year’s taxes and face a potential penalty from the IRS … or you could pay Uncle Sam much more than you should.

With over 30 years researching creative and hidden ways to legally skirt the IRS, bestselling author Ted Bauman is releasing all his best tax-saving strategies in his free report: 10 Legal Ways to Slash Your Taxes, Beat the IRS and Keep More Money in Your Pocket.

These tax-saving ideas are something you cannot afford to miss. If you act now, you stand to save potentially thousands in federal taxes this year, when it’s more important than ever. The sooner you act, the more you could save.

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