(And these 5 charts prove it!)

Something remarkable is about to happen to the U.S. economy.

It’s an event that’s so big that it will be felt from coast to coast. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor … millennial or baby boomer … Republican or Democrat — what’s coming could be a massive windfall for you, me and every other American.

As renowned analyst and famed tech investor, Ian King, says: “A Great American reset will give rise to innovative companies that will propel the stock market to record highs, and investors could have the opportunity to make a fortune.”

Ian KingNow, if Ian’s name or face look familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen him featured on Fox News, Yahoo Finance or other major media outlets … being interviewed for his insights on the economy and new investment trends.

That’s because Ian worked for some of Wall Street’s biggest banks — Salomon Brothers and Citigroup — trading everything from derivatives to options to stocks.

And he’s well-known for predicting and trading the 2008 collapse.

At a time when other hedge funds fell over 50%, Ian’s fund went up … get this … a staggering 1,613% during the worst 16 months of the subprime debacle.

But it’s his most recent prediction that’s getting the attention of Main Street America.

As Ian says, “This reset is making room for forward-thinking, innovative companies that will thrive and propel the economy forward … sending the stock market to new highs. I expect to see the Dow soaring to 50,000, likely higher.”

He went on to say…

“And there’s a small group of innovative companies that will quickly adapt to the new era ahead. If you invest in those companies, you won’t just double your money — you could triple, quadruple or even 10X your investment.”

A quick word of warning: This is the most controversial prediction Ian has made in over a decade, and his methods are a bit unorthodox. He uses an apple (of all things) to reveal why he expects the Dow to soar to 50,000.

I urge you to see Ian’s message for yourself, and act quickly.

Ian Interview

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