Historical analysis reveals companies in this space have grown 12,000% or more in an average of 15 years.

One area of the tech sector is getting little attention from the mainstream media.

However, Ian King’s research firm is saying: “5G unlocks endless possibilities for America’s future … but it can’t happen without one critical resource.” And King believes this provides the clue to how investors can grab the lion’s share of profits.

Most investors are focused on big tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. But Ian and his research firm have been recommending a completely different kind of company.

In past years, this type of company has delivered exceptional gains:

Now, these are exception gains. The best from Ian’s historical analysis. But it just gives you an idea of what’s possible if you look outside the mainstream.

And Ian has a knack for doing just that. His former team banked a best annual return of 261% in the financial crisis of 2008. He also invested in Tesla at $25 a share … Apple at $100 … and Amazon when it was trading for just $182.

In fact, one of his research services has an average gain of 200% in under a year.

Bottom line: When Ian recommends a stocks, it’s worth paying attention to.

And he and his research team have just put together a full analysis which explains everything you need to know about this tech sector … and the one company leading it.

You can access all his charts, estimates, forecasts, as well as photos and videos of this incredible technology. It’s all available free of charge right here.

No subscription, credit card or email is needed to see this analysis.

Click here to access Ian King’s full analysis on this hidden corner of the tech sector where big profits are up for grabs.



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