Cybersecurity stocks are taking off…

After the Equifax breach that impacted 143 million Americans, demand for cybersecurity has been through the roof. Days after the attack was announced, Symantec stock went up 15% … Trend Micro went up 16% … and FireEye went up 21%, in mere days.

But Jeff Yastine, a cybersecurity expert in Florida, explains this is just the beginning.

“Cybersecurity stocks are about to break out,” Jeff says. “Companies are quickly understanding that if they don’t rely on proper cybersecurity, they WILL go out of business. So, don’t be surprised if cybersecurity stocks are the top performer in 2018. In fact, I would count on it. The stakes are simply too high.”

Cybersecurity stocks have been in a bull market since 2011. These stocks have nearly doubled the overall market.

Individual stocks, meanwhile, have done much better, with companies like Qualys, VMware, Gigamon, Fortinet and Proofpoint up 397%, 481%, 494%, 532% and 775% respectively.

But according to Jeff, there’s one company that’s miles ahead of the field that could do better than all these companies COMBINED.

“If you make any tech investment in the coming year, this company should be it,” Jeff says. “It has the best chance of solving the biggest crisis in the world today, and it’s going to make a LOT of people millionaires in the process.”

In a new video, Jeff reveals the secret behind this innovative, little company that he believes could bring an end to cyberterrorism for good.

With Jeff’s permission, I reposted the video below.

I urge you to take the next few minutes to learn what Jeff has to say. If his analysis is correct, those who invest in this company stand to earn a fortune in the next year.