It’s official.

Trump’s Tax Plan is now the law of the land.

And the private sector is already reaping huge rewards.

AT&T is doling out $200 million in payouts to its employees.

American Airlines is set to payout more than $130 million to its employees.

And on September 13, thousands of Americans will have a chance to start collecting huge payouts from a little-known investment exploding with over $34.6 billion in fresh cash.

Thanks to Trump’s Tax plan, the companies behind this are sure to be ripe for sending these checks out.

And now thousands more are lining up for their fair share…

Take Doug Smith, a 46-year-old from Joplin, Missouri, for example. He’s signed up, and next month he’ll get a payout for $24,075.

Lisa Luhrman, a 57-year-old in Tulsa, Oklahoma is cashing in an even bigger payout for $66,570.

Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado, is set to get a massive payout for $160,923.

Now of course, what you get depends on how much you’re willing to invest – but the potential here is clear.

It’s no wonder Motley Fool says the “cash payouts are sky-high” and that Seeking Alpha calls these payouts a “hidden gem.”

Here’s the really great news … in a new video presentation, financial expert Matt Badiali reveals how anyone – regardless of age, income or net worth — can start collecting starting as early as September 13.

[Click here to watch Matt’s video presentation now]

Matt states: “After analyzing every page of the new tax law, its clear these payouts will be life-changing for thousands of American taxpayers.”

But here’s the thing…

September 13 is only days away and you want to make sure you’re at the front of the line when this opportunity starts.

Again, people just like you are already cashing in…

Larry Lysted, a retired science teacher from South Dakota, said these payouts are “an unexpected blessing … like winning the lottery.”

And when you consider this $34.6 billion in new payouts is only the tip of the iceberg thanks to the new tax law … it’s easy to see why people can’t contain their excitement.

I urge you to take a few minutes to see just how easy it is start collecting four-digit (and even five-digit) payouts as early as next month. Click here to watch Matt’s presentation now.