Is This the Future of Your Money?

This card could soon make the money in your wallet worthless.

And once your card is issued to you…

Washington will have unprecedented access to every penny you hold in your savings, checking, even your retirement accounts.

Meaning your wealth will be vulnerable to government control … manipulation — and even seizure.

Wall Street legend Ian King has been tracking every development in this plot for 10 years.

“In 2012, I was part of a private meeting in California — where the framework for this plan was first being discussed,” King says. “And now, with this new government plan, I feel compelled to go public with what I know.”

And in his newest presentation, King blows the lid off the plan that’s already being called:

“The end of American freedom.”

And — he’s sharing the exact moves you can make now for the best chance of protecting your wealth — and your family.

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